How to Avoid Getting Infected With System Security Virus and Antivirus 2009

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 The System Security Virus and Antivirus 2009 have spread very fast throughout the internet through various methods. Because of the amount of files infected in the computer it has proven to be a very difficult virus to remove. The whole point of the software is to try and fool you into buying a fake spyware product which doesn’t work.

The virus will block registry editor (regedit.exe or regedt32exe), Task Manager and the command prompt which can all be used to help remove the virus. It will also try to block the installation of any new software on your computer system that may be used to uninstall the virus. It will also install .exe files in the windows startup folder so they will automatically run when your computer starts.

 To prevent further infection it is advisable to change your internet surfing habits and avoid sites that continually produce popup advertising.

The use of internet file sharing programs is another popular way that the System Security virus is spread. Some unscrupulous people will actually bundle the virus along with other items such as mp3, movie and application software files. You will end up getting more than you were looking for.

Always keep your computer up to date with the latest windows software patches, if you set your computer to do this automatically the updates will install in the background and you wont even know they are being installed.

Whatever internet browser you are using make sure it is fully updated with the latest updates and hotfixs.

Ensure everyone who uses the computer is aware of malicious software products that can be accidentally installed.

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