How to Attract Women Fast

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The first step to attracting more women is to flirt with your eyes. You have to use your eyes to show women that you are attracted. Moreover, they will use their eyes when they themselves are interested.

You should practice smiling with your eyes, a skill (hard to acquire) that will instantly lure women to you. There is an article that discusses how to smile with your eyes in more detail.  That article also discusses the “Gaze of Intent,” a term I’ve personally coined. The gaze of intent is when a woman gazes at you and when you make eye contact with her, she gazes down, only to look back up at you 15-30 seconds after. This is a definite sign of interest that you must look out for.

Practice making eye contact with women everywhere. When you’re on the subway or bus or even when you’re walking down the street, you should gaze at women for 5-7 seconds at a time. This will help you boost your confidence and also help you look out for the gaze of intent.

The second step to attracting more women is to up your sex appeal. How do you do that? You fix yourself up.

First of all, are you clean shaven? If not, you should be. However, if you look really young without facial hair, then keep the facial hair but make sure it is shaped up. You need a consistent look. Avoid thick beards. A jaw lined shapeup works better. Avoid single mustaches, a goatee is better.

How’s your hairstyle? Do you have one?  If not, go to a stylist. It might be a little expensive but it’s well worth it. Trust me, every pick up artist will attest to the importance of having a consistent and clean hairstyle.

Nosehair? Pluck it. Ear hair? Remove it. Blackheads on your nose? Use biore strips. Back hair? Wax it. Chest hair?  Shave it.

How’s your wardrobe? Avoid graphic tees and avoid jeans that drag on the floor. Get yourself a pair of black dress shoes from Macy’s. Stick to solid colored dress shirts. Dark colors if you’re overweight and lighter colors if you’re underweight.  

Get yourself a watch (this is a MUST). Women see watches as a sign of time management and it is a turn on to every woman.

These are two sure ways to attract more women fast. Next thing you need is the approach. You can find many articles on my website about how to approach women and I am actually publishing an E-Book, “Learn to Flirt Fast!” which will discuss the approach in more detail.

I also have another article here on ezine, “How to Talk to a Girl You Met” I recommend you check it out.

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Marlon Reed

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