How Gordon Brown Could Look More in Control

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What ever your political views might be, I am sure you cannot help feeling sorry for Gordon Brown. In all the recent photographs of him, plastered over the pages of every newspaper, he looks exhausted, dejected and sad. This is hardly surprising. Key Politicians from his party have resigned publicly and Gordon has been left picking up the pieces. This combined with disastrous results from the recent local elections, is enough to send any politician to the depths of despair. But Gordon is a fighter and not a quitter, so on he goes.

I cannot profess to be politically minded, so I am not in a position to offer Gordon advice on this level, however I feel I could offer him advice on how look more positive and less tired, just by careful choice of the colours he chooses to wear.

Gordon Brown has dark eyes and grey hair so would be classed as having “cool” colouring. This means he needs to wear colours that have a “blue” undertone. Colours with a yellow hue will make him look sallow and tired. Recently I have seen him wearing a purple tie, which is along the right lines but worn in the wrong situation. The tie did have a “blue” undertone complimented his white shirt and grey suit, but he was wearing this subtle combination at a time when he was trying to assert his leadership.

Strong, contrasting colours send a message of authority and leadership. If Gordon had worn a red tie with a crisp white shirt and dark charcoal suit, he would have looked stronger. The tie would need to be a blue-red, but still a strong, clear red, which would have doubled as representation of Labour Red.

Wearing colours that suit your skin tone, hair colour and eyes can make all the difference to how well you can look. You may be “dead on your feet” but by wearing a colour that flatters you, you can look as fresh as a daisy. Conversely, even if you have just come back from holiday and had 10 hours sleep, you can still look like you have partied all night, if you wear a colour that isn’t right for you. Anyone can use colour to convey a message of health and control over their life, even if they don’t feel that way inside.

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