How Did The Universe Begin?

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The Universe was created according to the Law of Identity, A = A and answers the questions: Where do the laws of nature, society and physics come from? How did the Universe come to exist? How did life begin? Is evolution real? Is there an underlying unity in physics based on a profound mathematical principle that can be written on a T-shirt? What is God? Who am I?

First, know that Yahweh is the true name of the One God and know that if you “Ask in the name of God, you will be answered.” The name of God, Yahweh, is translated: “I am that I am.”

“I am that I am” can be written mathematically: A is that A, or A is A, or A = A. A = A is the first Law of Identity and the Law of Non-contradiction. A = A is the GUT (Grand Unifying Theory), the TOE (Theory of Everything) and the GUF (Grand Unifying FORCE) of the Universe. It is the “God Particle” that won’t be found at CERN because the missing basic building block of the Universe is a force not a particle – so the Higgs Boson will not be found in the collision.

The name of God; Yahweh; I am that I am; A = A, is the first equation, the source of logic and science. The equation is used with words and numbers to explain and create all that exists. Creation by the name of God reconciles God and logic. God is Reason. Miracles are the miracles of Reason.

God revealed how to know the truth to a desert tribe of Believers-in-One-God-That-Rules-The-Universe, commanding them, “Have no Gods before me. Make no images of me to worship.” One God and no idols left only Reason to guide them. They were guided very well and they survived and prospered greatly. Their God was Reason, the Force of “I am that I am.”

“In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was God.” Words represent things that exist, and when words are combined they create a new existent: a conclusion, which is a reason. To reason correctly is to know reason; is to know God; is to know reality; is to know yourself; is to be happy.

Identity is the source of existence, consciousness, law, logic, reason, science, justice and happiness.

God is the source of existence, consciousness, law logic, reason, science, justice and happiness.

Conclusion: God is the Force of Identity.

Reason is the Force of Identity.

Conclusion: God Is Reason.

“God is the supreme ruler of the Universe” claims the Church. “Reason is the supreme ruler of the Universe,” claims Science. Both are right, both are supreme. They are the same force with different names. Religion and science are reconciled.. God is Reason. To know Reason is to know God. Have faith in Reason.

God is Reason can be written as a mathematical equation: A = A. A = A is the source of truth, logic and science. To know Reason, science and logic, is to know the truth; is to know God; is to know your true self.

The source of all Law is the name of God, “I am that I am,” written: A is A, (also known as the Law of Non-contradiction.) The Law of Identity and the Force of Identity have the same attributes. They are the same force – the force that created all that is or ever will be.

The First Law of Identity: Every existent has an Identity.

An existent must have two or more attributes – before it can exist – it must be something, before it is. Attributes are the source of existence and consciousness. Is-ness, existence and consciousness are the only irreducible primaries.

The Second Law of Identity: Every existent seeks to maintain its existence. This seeking to remain the same, or resistance to change, is the source of the Force of Identity.

The Third Law of Identity: Two or more existents may combine to create a new existent; as water and dust may combine to create mud; coal, immense pressure and heat may combine to create a diamond and electrons, protons and neutrons may combine to create an atom, etc.

The Third Law is “The Creation Mechanism” that churned out “bits” of information for a very long time by combining existents to create new ones. The “new ones” created space and time. “The Creation Mechanism” itself is a creation of the Third Law. Now we may consider one of the greatest questions: Why is there something instead of nothing? and why this Universe?

The Universe was created out of the Void by the God of Abraham, Yahweh, the Force Of Identity: The Void had two attributes: It was necessary and it was potentially the Universe. With these two attributes the Void had existence. With Existence comes the Force of Existence. The Void and The Force (of its Identity) were the first two existents.

Now, with two existents, the creation mechanism can begin to build the Universe according to the Third Law: Two or more existents may combine to make a third existent. Then, these three may combine to create a fourth and these four may combine to create a fifth and so on creating incredibly long “bits” of information or identity – each having the force of its being.

After an immense period these segments of information filled the Universe, creating energy, space and time. They acquired mass and created gravity. Then, collapsed to a point of maximum density. Next, blasted into existence, in a “big bang,” all the ingredients to make our Universe.”

“The first cause,” is “The deep underlying unity” and “The Creation Mechanism of the Universe” and what makes the Universe self creating, self explaining and self understanding with design, purpose, principle, destiny and justice. Identity is the First Force and the source of the Four Forces: the Weak Force, The Strong Force, The Electromagnetic Force and The Force of Gravity.

The Fourth Law: The creation of each new “entity” creates time to run the cycle of creation, the space that it moves into.

The Fifth Law: An identity emits energy every time it changes identity.

The Sixth Law: A = A creates an infinity of laws.

The laws of physics were created by the laws of Identity and discovered by reason. Why are they suited for life? Because they came from the same Law of Identity that created the life that discovered physics.

The Force of Identity created The Universe from the Void. “Life emerged from the cosmos and mind emerged from life,” not by accident, but by the Law of Identity. Life is mathematical because it is a creation of the Law. Understanding math is natural to man because man is a creation of the same force. The Universe is suited for life, naturally and mathematically, because they have the same creator – God, the Force of Identity.

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