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The Houston Texans are full members of the AFC southern Division of the NFL. This came about back in 2002 when the then Houston team, the Oilers, moved lock stock and barrel to Tennessee to become the Titans. The Houston Texans are only one of a handful of NFL teams that are yet to make it to a Super Bowl and as they are a relatively new team they have not so far taken part in the playoffs. As with any team, the more vocal and financial support they have the better the results are likely to be. You can show your allegiance by wearing one of the latest Houston Texans Jerseys.

The Texans do have a lot of potential. They have players that are very promising as well as a head coach who is accomplished in the sport. It is surely just a matter of time before they bring back to Houston the greatest sporting trophy in America. The first few seasons that they played in the NFL were disappointing, this must be said. But this season the performance and results are very different. Perhaps this will be their year.

If you are planning to get hold of the Texans jersey either for yourself or a loved one then it is important to decide which kit to opt for, there are actually three different styles when it comes to the design.

In all competitions the Houston Texans use a dark blue helmet emblazoned with their fierce bull logo. The jerseys and pants worn depend upon the time of the year and whether the match is being played in Houston or away. Usually for home games the Texans wear a white jersey and white pants with a red trim. This is important as the hot temperatures in Texas can have more of detrimental effect on players wearing dark colors. For away games the Texans use either a dark blue jersey with red trim or the opposite way around; a red jersey with blue trim.

When the Texans do use their all white home kit this forces the visiting team to play in darker colors and perhaps give the home team an advantage in the hot and sticky Houston climate. With player ability developing all the time it is essential that a team uses all necessary means to steal an advantage.

As you can see, there is a lot of choice when it comes to picking a Texans supporters jersey, you could even choose a selection of different designs to compliment the rest of your clothes and apparel.

Though the Houston Texans are still a relatively new team in the NFL their players are making waves with their performances. It takes time and effort for a team to find their place in the National Football League. The results in the 2008 and 2009 seasons show just how much the team have grown as a single unit over the last few years.

It is no surprise to discover that the Texans are receiving more and more support every year. By choosing their jerseys you can show your affiliation off proudly.

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