Homemade Vampire Halloween Costume: Make Your Own This Year

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With the economic downturn, a lot of people are looking to save money this year by making their own costumes. You get to reduce your costs, exercise your creativity, and take pride in your outfit, which you made yourself. If you’re a creature of the night, you can make your own homemade vampire Halloween costume this year. You will likely have much of what you need already in your closet. With a few key pieces, you can turn into the Count Dracula of your nightmares.

Start with the pants

You’ll need a basic pair of tailored, long black pants. Nothing fancy required. If you want to do a rock and roll vampire, you can use jeans instead.

Add a shirt

Find a regular, white, long-sleeved dress shirt. Again, nothing fancy. If you are going the rock route, find something with a low V-neck that can let you show off your chest hairs. Ooh, very scary!

Basic black shoes required

Again, just basic black shoes work. Something with a narrow, pointed toe works best, but it’s not critical. You can use boots for either a typical vampire, or the rock star version.

Slick back your hair

Use a hair product, or some vegetable oil (although this takes a lot of shampooing to get out) to slick your hair back on your head. Most people, even if you already have a widow’s peak (the nice downward point of the hairline at the middle of your forehead,) will benefit from some black makeup to exaggerate it.

You’ll need a cape

You can purchase capes with large collars for this costume, but you can also make your own, with a little ingenuity. To make the collar stand up, you can use cardboard and sew fabric around it. Or you can take an existing collar, from a black dress shirt from the thrift store, and cut it off from the rest of the shirt.

Leave enough fabric below the stitching on the collar to attach to plain black fabric (a sheet works great) by sewing. Add a ribbon to tie around your neck, and you’re set.

Don’t forget the fangs

This is probably the only piece you might end up purchasing. However, I have made a workable substitute myself by cutting a piece of teeth-shaped plastic from the lid of a plastic container. Then I stuck it between my front teeth and my upper lip. It worked pretty well.

That’s basically it. You’ll be a passable blood sucker with just that simple outfit. That’s doable, right? So don’t fret if your budget won’t allow you to buy much. Make your own homemade vampire costume this Halloween, and paint the town red!

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