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Made to measure leather garments.

Leather is the most versatile and hard wearing material and can be used to make just about any garment, from over coats to mini skirts and corsets to trousers.

Every wardrobe will have a leather garment, usually a jacket, which when worn becomes part of the wearers persona, as recognisable as the person themselves. Given the ability for leather clothing to have this iconic effect it is important that you avoid cheap, mass produced leather garments and insure that the leather you wear expresses your individuality.

The purpose of this article is to encourage readers to think carefully about adding a leather jacket or other garment to your collection and to seriously consider going the made to measure route, which need not be cost prohibitive and will definitely be more rewarding.

The first thing to bear in mind is that having a unique garment designed will cost thousands of pounds, but having an existing design made in Italian nappa leather will cost £100 – £300, as the tailor is only required to;

1. Copy the pattern;

2. Make adjustments for the difference in materials (normally cotton or wool to leather).

Copy Cotton or Wool Designs

Copying existing high street fabric designs into leather, opens up a huge range of options for owning that iconic leather garment that you always dreamed off and brings the cost of such a garment into the reach of every consumer.

Things to consider;


Leather can be course and inflexible such as when used for all weather jackets or soft and supple for blazers or dresses and skirts, so be sure to ask for the type of leather you require.

The 2 options you should be considering are;

1. Cow hide. Which is a course leather which is ideal for gents coats and jackets and for trousers when you do not want a seam at the knee.

2. Nappa leather (sheep skin). Which is soft and supple and is ideal for blazers, dresses, skirts and trousers (although you may have a seam at the knee ).


Modern leather comes in every colour under the sun and can have patterns printed onto it, such as snake skin and other animal prints. Always ask the workshop to provide samples or ask them to match a sample of your own.


Accessories can be used on either new made to measure garments or to revive existing ones. There are unlimited options but here are some ideas;

1. Buttons. Unique buttons are a great way of making a garment stand out.

2. Fur. Fake fur comes in many colours and designs and can be added as a trim to any garment, especially hoods, corsets / bodices, dresses or trousers.

3. Lace. Lace can be used to trim a garment as above or to support the structure of a garment, such as bridging a bust line or skirt slit.


You may already own the design for your iconic leather garment, check your wardrobe or if not consider designs you have seen in the high street.


Lounge suits and blazers make terrific every day leather jackets. Send your favourite to a leather workshop to copy (ideally nappa leather for this type of jacket) and you will be rewarded with a unique garment that will complete your look.

Ladies. Anything goes, jackets, dresses, trousers and skirts make great leather garments and consider fur or lace trims to lift the garment.

Final thought leather trousers have to fit properly, so forget off the peg, send your favourite jeans to a leather workshop and have them make a copy in cow hide or nappa leather.

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