Harley Davidson Apparel – Sneak Peek Into the Line

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Nowadays, not all people who wear Harley Davidson apparels are bikers. People who want to be part of the Harley Davidson family sport the famous motorcycle’s clothing brand. Harley Davidson clothing line accommodates various persons from ordinary junkies to company secretaries to elite socialites to even Hollywood superstars. It became an outfit for just about anyone.

The Harley Davidson apparel is comprised of several collections such as:

o Warm Weather Gear

o Cold Weather Gear

o Wet Weather Gear

o Stock Gear

o Riding Gear


o H-D Race

o H-D Ink

o Black Label

o Denims

What makes this apparel so unique is that it has a 100% American biker style emblazoned on it and that is evident in the line’s jackets, gloves, vests, tops, boots, helmets and a whole lot more. This is the strongest appeal of this clothing line.

Below are some sample merchandise showcasing American ingenuity and fashion sense:

o Cruiser Mesh Jacket for Men

Made from polyester, this wind and water proof jacket has built in body armor on your elbows and shoulders. If you feel that the jacket is too heavy, you have the option to remove this body armor.

o Printed Shirt and Boyshorts for Women

This two-piece set is a classic example of comfortable yet sexy. It is made of cotton and spandex for that perfect fit, with the tee having a wide boat neck and lace trimmings on the leg opening of the bottom for a touch of femininity.

o Distressed Concho Belt for Women

A brick red belt that completes an ensemble like magic; this Concho is made from real leather with aluminum hardware for added flare.

o Detention Helmet (Full Face) For Kids

This helmet is made from thermoplastic, has chin & forehead vents, and it has a D-ring strap for maximum fit. It also bears the regular Harley Davidson apparel flame graphics that finishes the all out “tough guy” look of the helmet.

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