Halloween – Make Your Own Costume – Better Off With Home Made Costume For Your Kids

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Are you looking for a Halloween costume for your kids? Maybe you should try on this Halloween make your own costume. You are better off with a home made costume to get rid of the boring costume every year. Or you might save money too.

When you are in a tight budget, make your own Halloween costumes. Home made costume for kids are not necessarily simpler than those bought in stores. In fact, it is sometimes better than those bought in the mall or in costume shops. This is because these store-bought costumes can have duplicates. In a Halloween party, you want your costume to be unique and special. Only a home made costume can guarantee that.

To give you a simple illustration, here is an easy Halloween make your own costume that your kid can pull off. Characterize Quasimodo, the Hunchback of Notre Dame. With an oversized t-shirt, simply stuff some pillows into the back to serve as the hunchback’s hump. Stay away from modern t-shirts and make it look like a poor man’s cloths just like the church bell ringer in the movie. To look the part of Quasimodo, prefer to use those flannel shirts in solid colors like brown or dark green. To add some originality to your character, add a little blackening using some soot on the face. In addition, a crucifix can be a good accessory as well. Just make it comfortable and fun.

That is just one simple way to get the best moments from your kid’s party this year with a home made costume. This Halloween make your own character will surely let your child’s personality stand out. Of course, never forget to take pictures and enjoy the trick or treat route.

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