Half Marathons, 10KM, 5KM Races or Walks – Must Do Races! Bucket List Material

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Are you a runner? Have you just started running? Or is walking your first step to a better fitness routine? Put these run/walk races on your Bucket List of Runs To Do. Experience the majestic Canadian Rockies as you run or walk through these amazing landscapes. I’ve done both these half marathons a few times and never tire of the breathtaking scenery!

Plan a great weekend away. Enjoy running with family or friends, and then relax in this magic mountain resort area. These races take place in September. Fall is a great time of year. You can experience the ever changing colors of the leaves and it should be cool enough to enjoy a good run!

Here are two excellent running races that will appeal to every category of runner or walker. The best thing about these races: they take place in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Melissa’s Road Race is held in the World Heritage Site of Banff National Park. The Canmore Rocky Mountain Road Race is held in Canmore (only 22km east of Banff). In 2008 Runners World rated this race as one of North America’s Top 10 Greenest Races!

Here’s what you can expect from these races….

Banff – Melissa’s Road Race

This race has been a tradition for over thirty years. Mark it on your calendar for the 3rd Saturday in September. Each year runners and walkers come from all over Canada and the United States to participant. It’s so popular, the half marathon is sold out in February for the September Race. So definitely plan ahead so you’re not disappointed. If you don’t get into the half marathon consider doing the 10K race instead.

The race is sponsored by Melissa’s, a Banff landmark. This historic restaurant in Banff is very popular with locals and visitors alike. I so enjoy this race, it makes for a fun weekend! Melissa’s offers a pasta dinner for participants on the Friday night. What runner doesn’t have pasta the night before! After finishing the run you can turn in your race bib for a free beer! The official race T-shirt does become a collector’s item….they’re gorgeous…designed from original artwork. After that weekend, it’s amazing while out running…how many people you’ll see with Melissa’s T-shirts on!

Canmore – Canmore Rocky Mountain Road Race

The Canmore Rocky Mountain Road Race is considered one of the most beautiful runs in Alberta. This race is also run in the early days of September so you should see the beautiful fall colors. Canmore is 22kms east of Banff and boasts 71 kilometers of multi-use trails….what a great place to hold a race and enjoy superb mountain scenery.

This Canmore half marathon winds through surrounding forests, past a historic coal mine, all the while viewing the Three Sisters Peaks. The 10K race and walk starts right in Canmore and stretches along the beautiful Bow River. Great views in every direction. If a 5K walk or run is all you’re looking for, then this is a perfect day in the mountains. The Canmore Rocky Mountain Road Race is for all levels of runners or walkers.

What’s so special about these running races? They’re both run in quaint towns of less than 12,000 people. These half marathon races are capped and very well organized. These mountain venues have great accommodations, superb dining, fun pubs, and world class spas…so there’s something for everyone.

Is it time for you to get into shape? Set a goal with a few friends. Training together will keep you motivated. Maybe it’s your first marathon or 10K or your tenth…do something good for yourself. Experience great mountain hospitality first hand.

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