Growing Up Gotti Diet – Gotti’s Diet Review

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This is an interesting article about Growing up Gotti Diet. We will give you a review about the Gotti Diet so you can assess if this program is for you or not. You will learn many new things about this so enjoy and share it with your loved ones too.

Growing Up Gotti Diet is one of the most popular things that people, especially teenagers are eager to know. It is because a teenager by the name of Frank Gotti Agnello is the one who designed the program to help people, especially of his same age to lose weight and feel part of the society. He is a teenage boy and a television show star on the top-rated show with a same name as his invented type of dieting. It is a fun show to watch wherein this young man persevere to lose those extra pounds, so he will not feel embarrassed and different from his family.

With this boy’s desire to feel belonged, he designed this plan with the help of a doctor, mother, and his lacrosse coach. In the end, he became successful in transforming himself from an unattractive obese boy to a fit, healthy, and attractive young man. Unlike other forms of diets, Growing Up Gotti Diet is different from the rest because it does not require a person with strict food plans. It just informs a person to refrain from eating too much sweet and refined grain foods. Below is the seven-step plan according to the book he made to help reduce weight:

1. You must learn self-acceptance. You need to face the truth that you have a weight problem and stop denying that everything is fine. This is the only way that you can start motivating yourself to do everything to improve yourself.

2. Get support from your family and friends.

3. Take a step at a time. Do not pressure yourself.

4. Have a food diary.

5. Practice healthier food choices.

6. Exercise regularly.

7. Do some weight training.

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