Graduation Ball Photography

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Graduation photography is all about making the milestone in your life, your graduation, effortless; while also providing you and your family with the quality image you would expect for such an important occasion. This involves having studios located on site. The mobile studios provided will have professional backdrops and lighting that help to deliver a pristine result using top of the range cameras.

Graduation photographers use strobe lights as they flash quickly, are efficient and have good control over both light colour temperature and light intensity. This allows them to achieve a pure white light (which is the model colour temperature for portrait photographs) by emitting the primary colours of light, green, red and blue, at equal intensities. A diffused light source will be used, meaning that the rays of light will hit the subject while travelling in different directions. This will give an attractive, low contrast that softens the edges of the subject(s). If the all the rays of light were to come from only one direction, it would give the picture a high contrast with sharp visible edges and bad shadowing. Accessories are often used to improve the quality of pictures further. Umbrellas are the most common accessory used by graduation photographers; they smooth the light and spread it out to soften the picture further.

The numerous backdrops provided by the photographers allow for the attendees to have a choice, though they will all be memorable and attract the viewer to look at the faces of the subjects.

The studios will also feature the technology and equipment that allow attendees to look at their pictures on a screen, have them edited as they see fit and have them printed off in a matter of seconds.

As soon as the gowns are available, the studios will be open, allowing you to have your picture taken whenever you wish. You may choose to wait until after the ceremony so you can be pictured with your scroll, however if you wish to beat the rush, you can have your picture taken before the ceremony with fake/dummy scrolls that will be provided to you by your graduation photographer. Due to the somewhat chaotic, busy nature of the ceremony, booking time slots is not possible and usually the studios work on a first come, first serve basis. Apart from the gown, what you wear is your own choice. It is usually standard for men to wear a white shirt, black tie and a single breasted jacket or suit, while women are advised to wear a broach or something similar that enables them to fix the hood in place.

Graduation photographers also offer their services outside of the studios. They will take photographs of each student receiving their degree on stage, as well as take group photographs of, staff groups, course groups, friendship groups, etc that give long lasting memories. On top of all this they will take candid style – spontaneous photographs of things going on during the proceedings. This will involve lots of camera adjustments and instinctive thinking which has been fine tuned through experience.

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