Good Muscle Building Diets – How to Choose the Right Diet For Muscle Building

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It is no secret that for effective muscle building, you need to have a good combination of right diet, exercise and time for recovery. The important factor is that you need to get this combination right to start bulking up and get those shirt ripping muscles.

Of all the factors, diet is the most important component of body building. You need to have the right food combinations at the right time to have your body work for you to build and repair the muscles after the workout.

Timing Your Diets for Muscle Building:

To build muscles and gain weight, it is necessary to have a calorific surplus. Suppose, your body needs 3000 calories to carry out its daily task, you need to induce a surplus of 300 calories per day for weight gain. To ensure that the weight that you gain is muscle, you need to know when to eat, what to eat and how to eat.

It is important to have frequent meals many times a day to increase your body’s metabolism. If you are having 3 meals a day, slowly increase it to 5 meals a day. Body builders have about 7 or 8 meals a day.

Good muscle building diet should comprise of a good combination of carbohydrates, proteins and fat. Lot of people think it is necessary to take a lot of protein to build muscles. While this is true, it is important to know when to take the protein and when to avoid them.

For example, immediately after the workout, protein would not amount to much use if you do not take carbohydrate (sugar) with it. The sugar triggers the insulin response in the body which acts as a catalyst to store the calories as muscle glycogen leading to muscle gain. Without triggering the insulin response of the body by having a drink or meal rich in carbohydrate (sugar), the protein that you consume will only result in fat storage.

Fruits and vegetables should be a regular part of any muscle building diets. It not only supplies the needed carbohydrates, but also improves the alkalinity of the blood causing a good muscle recovery. It has to be noted that, muscle growth happens only during the recovery phase. All the hours of pumping iron and sweating out at the gym will amount to nothing if you do not have the proper diet to supplement it and also leave your body enough recovery time for muscle gain.

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