Gold Cufflinks – Accessories for Dignified Glamour

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There are very few choices that an archetypal man can have in matters of accessories, especially when compared to women have, on the other hand. Despite the modern man discovering newer accessories for himself, only a few of these can be accepted as part of a formal and classic get up.

Accessories for men are often a matter of critical choice. They need to be coordinated with the attire as well as the occasion for which it is worn. Or else they may look out of place and disastrous fashion error.

Men’s Accessories

There are certain important men’s accessories that constitute the ensemble for a classic appeal to a man’s appearance and look. These are mostly a part of the formal wear for men who believe in making an extraordinary impression.

Here are some of the important accessories for your reference.



Tie- Pins




The importance of these accessory items lie in the critical aspect of their coordination with the occasion and the attire that one may be wearing.

Gold Cufflinks

Ordinarily, this is an accessory commonly worn by men. This is a way to fasten the loose ends of the sleeves of their shirt.. Since the shirt can form a part of both formal and informal attires, there are men who use their cuff links more often than others.

There are classic gold cufflinks that are made of different categories of gold like 18 karat and 14 karat gold. However you can have a set of customized pure 22 karat gold cufflinks made to order as well.

Some of the main features of the designs of gold cufflinks are as follows.

Engravings and carvings

Special personalized monograms

Enamel work with different colours

Stone settings

These are also matches with different levels of polish and finishing to suit the cufflinks appropriately.

Gold cufflinks are also made with white gold that has a silver polish to it. It is matched with the design and pattern of the cufflinks. There are ones that have a high polish while there are others with a matte finish.

Gold Plated Cufflinks

There are several manufacturers of gold plated cuff links as well. These are made with different metallic alloys that are polished with gold, or rhodium finish at times, to give that perfect look of a classic appeal. These are embellished with stones, engravings, coloured enamelling or personalized monograms.

Gold cufflinks or even gold plated cufflinks are usually opulent and exquisite pieces of men’s accessories that can also form a very good gift item for many.

These are available in specially designed gift boxes for an extraordinary packaging. You can also personalize the cufflinks as per the occasion or the person to whom you are gifting it.

Gold cufflinks can be also used as wedding gifts for various people that are considered important. The charm and classic appeal of these surely make for awesome gift items.

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