Gladiator Sandals Guide

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When summer comes around, you’ll want to wear shoes and sandals that are comfortable and not too warm. That’s where gladiator sandals come to the rescue. Gladiator sandals are perfect for any outfit and will show off your legs beautifully. Some of them have straps that go around the leg up to the knee whereas other styles have them up to just above the ankle or until the calf.

Different styles suit different kinds of outfits and it’s a matter of choosing the right style for the outfit you are wearing. You could wear a pair that has straps until just below the knee if you’re wearing shorts or a short dress. That would look fantastic especially if the colors were complementary to each other. Khaki, beige or brown shorts or dress would go well with a light brown or tan pair of sandals.

Wear a pair of ankle length gladiator sandals with Capri pants or cut-off jeans. This will add a charming touch to your outfit and show off your pretty toes. Remember to have a pedicure as your feet will be on show when wearing these sandals. You can also find heeled gladiator sandals which would be perfect when worn with longer skirts.

If you have long, slender legs most types of these sandals would look good on you. If your calves are a bit thick or fleshy, try the ankle length sandals. The ones that go up to the knee might just give a bulky appearance. Go for neutral colored sandals in brown, beige and tan. These will go with most colored outfits in your wardrobe including jeans. Team a denim skirt with a white casual shirt and brown ankle length gladiator sandals and you’ll know what I mean. The effect will be fabulous.

Although leather sandals last longer than those made from synthetic materials, some of the colors found in those made with synthetic fabrics are really great for summer wear. Some of the embellishments found on these sandals are buckles, studs, chains and detailing in metal.

Silver and bronze colored ones can take you from day to night and will look stunning all the time. Invest in gold colored ones if you want to make an impact during a night out. Gladiator sandals are perfect for walking around town, sight-seeing, shopping or even some impromptu dancing at a club. If you’re traveling, grab a couple of these with you. Buy at least one in a neutral shade and another in a striking color and you’ve got something to wear on your feet for any outfit.

Black sandals can also take you far with basic neutral outfits. They stand out from your beige, tan or brown outfits and will accentuate your feet. For a more subtle and streamlined look, pair your outfit with a similar shade in footwear. This will give an illusion of length and a complete look. Whatever your choice of gladiator sandals, you will look fantastic! These sandals seem to stand the test of time as they can be seen every year. So go for it and enjoy your gladiator sandals!

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