Gifts For a Lady Golfer

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When buying a gift for someone there are always a number of things to consider especially if you’re aiming to make is a priceless gift. If you’re buying for a female golfer this holiday season then you should be aware that the current trend is shifting away from conventional golf clothing and moving to outfits which provide a full fashion statement on the course.

For centuries, most of the golf wear designs for women have been based around traditional men’s golf wear but it’s now starting to change. Fortunately, most of the designers are beginning to craft a new variety of designs with women identities in mind because of an increasingly amount of female players to the sport.

When it comes to dressing in general ladies prefer that the whole outfit is well coordinated with matching pieces and accessories. When it comes to golf (or any sport for that matter) it is essential that the clothes not only look good but are also comfortable to play in. For golfers in particular, of both genders, they find this sport to be engrossing and rewarding in spending their free time. Luckily as golfing becomes more and more popular for women it becomes easier to find functional, stylish and comfortable golf outfits.

With the festive season underway it is now your job to find those practical golf gifts to give to your loved ones. If you’re looking for something incredibly comfortable and partly traditional but trendy, there are a variety of choices for gifts.

For women in particular, there are a selection of clothing items that are essential such as knits, polos, and accessories which can be mixed and matched to create a number of different outfits. For superb quality and versatility, then Lyle and Scott provide a conventional collection of authentic garments for both men and women under their ‘Golf’ Range.

From this range you may find a number of presents such as a women’s tunic style sweater which is made of silk and cashmere with two shades of silver grey and pink mist could be one of your choices. Another is women’s tunic style cardigan with same fabric and shades as the first one. The only difference, the initial clothes is V-neck while the latter is a round neck cut. Aside from the two given designs, women slipover is available. The fabric is a lamb’s wool with 5 different options in terms of shades. These are light stone, black, navy, pale blue, and salad green.

On the other hand, if you want polos, there is also a variety of women’s golf polo shirts and women’s long sleeve shirts. These are mostly cotton and cotton pique. There are varieties of shades to choose from. For the latter, metallic dark grey, black, lilac, navy, pink mist, and white are the available while damson purple, deep red, light stone beige, navy, pink mist, surf blue, and white for the first.

For accessories, women’s baseball cap and visor are also on the list. Both are made up of cotton twill and shaded black. Both practical and stylish make such gifts the best choice of women golfers this season and your Christmas priceless.

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