Getting To Know Mauritius

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Rightfully fitted in the Indian Ocean lies the island of Mauritius. Often referred to as heavenly, Mauritius is a tropical island. Rare would be a visitor that has not taken the best during his trip to Mauritius. For water lovers, Mauritius is an ideal place to set the pointer on. The capital city is Port Louis and it is the major business centre of the island.

Normally, a tropical climate reigns throughout the whole island. As a matter of fact, every month the weather can become rainy but December to May is the period where most rain falls. Cyclones normally tend to occur during the months of November to May. During a cyclonic weather visitors are not allowed to venture outside their accommodations. The currency used in Mauritius is the Mauritian Rupee, where Rs1 is equal to 100 cents. Foreign currency is readily accepted at specific places throughout the island. Money changers are found almost everywhere in case visitors want to convert their currencies into Rupees. Credit cards such as American Express, Visa and Mastercard are all accepted in hotels, restaurants and shopping complexes.

However, when coming to Mauritius certain procedures have to be made. For example, a yellow fever vaccination certificate may be required from travelers over 1 year of age arriving from infected parts of the world. The official language spoken and understood all over Mauritius is English. But French is mostly spoken by most locals as the natal language, Creole, is a derivation of French itself. Oriental languages as well as Indian languages are also spoken. Bhojpuri is a famous language spoken by most elderly people, especially Hindus.

Furthermore, shopping in Mauritius can become an exciting thing to do. There is a wide choice of shops, some famous ones being Billabong, Quicksilver, Habit and Rip Curl among others. But visitors could be fascinated to see the various garments that rhyme with the cultural background of each ethnical group. So, one could find saris, silk shirts, macramé work and many others. Additionally, more than 50 percent of the population in Mauritius is Hindu. Therefore, one has to pay enough attention to wear the right clothes before entering sacred places such as temples and mosques. Otherwise, one has the freedom of choice of wearing what pleases him.

Moreover, when you go shopping or pay your hotel bills, you have to be aware that a 15 percent Government Tax can be applicable in some circumstances. Also, during your trip to Mauritius be sure to bring things that you feel would be hard to find over the island. For instance, if you love surfing, you may bring along your surf boards. On the other hand, if you follow certain medical treatments, you can bring along your medicines. By doing this, you could be freed from certain worries and hence enjoy your holidays to the max in Mauritius.

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