Get Your Girlfriend Back – 10 Reasons Why Women Dump Men

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If you want to get your girlfriend back or get your wife back, or if you want to know more about how to keep your woman, you need to be aware of the 10 reasons why women dump men. You might think that it’s because women judge the men they reject to be too ordinary, too boring, too lacking in the high-powered career, ritzy apartment or condo, hot car, sharp wardrobe or other trappings of success.

While it’s true that women do take note of these things and certainly don’t mind if you want to share them, the fact is that for many women (maybe most) no amount of money or power or even good looks is enough to put up with a jerk, or worse, a brute. The usual reasons women might offer when heading for the door don’t usually contain much solid information. So, what are the real reasons why women dump men?

Let’s look at the top 10 (in no particular order):

1. He’s cheated on her

Trust is built by small acts – calling when you say you will, doing other things you say you’ll do, when you say you’ll do them – in other words, being someone she can rely upon. The ultimate breach of trust is when she believed your heart was open to her, but you slept with someone else. It is very difficult to forgive and impossible to forget, and for this reason, some couples are never able to recover the trust and the love they once shared.

2. Disrespect

Lack of respect to her, her friends and her family is behaviour that says “You don’t matter.” In the extreme, it may be expressed as violence including verbal and physical abuse, but long before that stage there is lack of respect, and it tends to escalate when there is any kind of stress, which is inevitable in life. So, it has to be asked: if you don’t respect her, why are you with her?

3. Everything’s always a joke

If you behave like the chuckleheads at the back of the school bus when you were in grade 4 and everything’s always a joke, don’t be surprised if she treats you like the childish jerk you are acting like. What’s bringing this on? If it’s stress, see your doctor and maybe get a referral to a therapist, or risk losing the woman that you love.

4. You’re self-involved

You interrupt family meals to take phone calls. You’re two hours late. You forget to call. You missed her birthday or your anniversary. You never think of buying her flowers, giving her a compliment, or a kiss, or even noticing her, because your concerns are just so much more important that she is. The thing is, you’re so involved with yourself that everyone else is taken for granted – they’re just the chorus to your leading man at centre stage.

5. You’re just a Neanderthal

OK, Neanderthals aren’t here to defend themselves. Maybe they didn’t tell vulgar jokes, belch, shower infrequently, spit on the street, leave the toilet seat up, throw their dirty clothes on the floor, pick fights, beat on each other, and drag women around by the hair. If they did, they probably didn’t score very often, and they certainly didn’t earn the love and respect of good women.

6. Some more very nasty bad habits

Drugs, alcohol, gambling, a tendency to violence and being widely unpredictable are all ways to do serious damage to your career, your life, and especially your relationships. Some women are attracted to bad boys who live on the edge, but the fact is it is very hard to live a happy, productive life either as or with a bad boy. Go ahead and be the bad boy – but don’t expect to find lasting happiness with the woman of your dreams if you do.

7. Women dump men who are slobs

So Tom Cruise puts on a tux and heads for the red carpet with his stunning wife and a two-day growth of stubble. Johnny Depp is photographed in ripped jeans and a grubby shirt hanging out. Doesn’t mean you’re going to get away with it. Better spiff yourself up. Throw out the ratty shirts and go shopping. Cut back on the beer and eat better. Get into the gym and lose the belly fat. Get a haircut. Look after your teeth. Make her proud to be seen with you.

8. Not enough interests in common

OK, we get it, you love sports on TV and she doesn’t. So, just what is it that you two share? Or what is it that you used to share, back when you first fell in love, but haven’t done together for ages?

9. A failure to commit

Have you thought through what you really want, in your career, in your personal life, in your life with her? Or is she just the one you’re with while you’re waiting to meet Ms. Incredible? That’s what she’s going to suspect if you’ve been together longer than 6 months and there hasn’t been any serious talk about a shared future.

10. She simply doesn’t love you

This is the tough one, and the one most women would rather never admit (even to themselves). How could she possibly have fallen out of love with you, that is, if she ever truly did love you?

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