Fun Bachelorette Party Favors

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* A GOODY BAG – think temporary tattoos, phallic candy, feather boa, photo album, candles, bachelorette party pins, lotions, silver tiaras, g-strings, bachelorette pens, and other fun things you can find at party stores that are cheap enough to add into one big goody bag.

* T SHIRT – Get T-shirts made or buy pre-made Bachelorette party shirts with funny sayings.

* G-STRING – Get sexy or silly G-Strings for the Girls!

* OUTFIT ADDITIONS – If the girls are going out on the town and you want them to be silly and dress up, have the favors be things they’ll wear like – feather boas, tiaras, etc.

* GLASSES – Shot glasses, martini glasses, etc. Get them engraved if you have extra cash! Another idea – Make a specialty drink and let the girl’s keep the glasses!

* GRAB BAG – Get a variety of favors, put them in bags and let the girls randomly pick one. Or, make a game out of it, like a White Elephant exchange.

* GO HIGH SCHOOL – If you’re gathering together a group of old friends, have the favors reflect the good old days. Items that mean something to you or are from your past. Examples: friendship bracelets, favorite candy, picture album, mix cd, favorite movie you all saw 10,000 times, mini yearbook, etc.

* PHOTO ALBUM or PICTURE FRAME or SCRAPBOOK – This makes for a touching favor, if it includes photos.

Happy Planning!

And, as a note, make sure that your Bachelorette Party favors follow your theme if you have one!

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