Florida Basketball Gator Fever Has Now Spread To the Mouth

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There is an enormous trend or following of Florida Gator fans right in the Tampa Bay area. With two national titles and the current basketball team on a 16 game winning streak every Gator fan is getting into the act – so much so that Gator fever has now spread to the mouth they as part of the increasing size of The Gator Nation.

As a dental braces specialist for adults and children, I have seen an increase of Gator fever spread from license plates, hats and t-shirts to now into the mouth. The Gator Nation can be seen on orthodontic appliances to move teeth.

I have a very high tech braces practice where not only children, but adults can choose their favorite colors to place on their braces and many are choosing orange and blue. They also pick blue and orange colors for their plastic retainers (devices worn after the braces come off to hold or retain the teeth in place so they don’t move).

Bobby Bacchus, teenager who finished his braces recently, decided to get new retainers. “I wanted a blue upper and orange lower retainer.” An avid Gator fan, Bobby applauds the Gators efforts this year.

Even though clear braces and the new Invisalign clear trays that move teeth are becoming popular, metal braces are still the number one choice in my practice so that a patient can add fashion accessories. Many of my adult and child patients have been alternating orange and blue on each brace while others have all upper braces in orange and all the lowers in blue.

Patients can choose over 20 colors to mix and match to tie the wire that fastens to each brace with a colored rubber donut. Interestingly, it’s not the braces that move the teeth; it’s the wire that runs through each brace. When an orthodontist fastens the wire to the braces, the wire deflects. When the patient leaves their appointment, the deflected wire will return to its original shape carrying the tooth it’s attached to move with the wire.

There are now braces that come in interesting shapes called WildSmiles Braces and were invented by Orthodontist Clarke Stevens, DDS, in Nebraska who developed braces in the shaped like hearts, flowers, baseballs and stars.

The trend today is to have straight teeth so that children won’t be embarrassed by their crooked teeth, be accepted more by their classmates and be able to compete against other equally competent students to get accepted into college. University of Florida has incurred a tremendous increase in applications from families trying to enroll their children into a four year college education there … everyone wants to go to one of the most popular schools in the nation especially with all the publicity the school is getting from having both #1 football and basketball titles.

Two children with the same application, grades and extra curricular activities as music, sports and community service will also be judged when you get down to it by their appearance. Whether someone at the interview has a gorgeous white smile versus ugly crooked teeth I’m sorry to say will make a difference if the two applicants are the same.

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