First Love – Nepali Movie Review

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In the chain of Nepali movies being made in the digital layout, First Love was released on the 6th of August all across the country. The movie made about 8 million rupees in the first week of its release, according to the producer and distributor of the film. The source also asserted that it was a record transaction for a Nepali movie. For two weeks it did not have a Nepali opponent, but in the third week it had two films to vie with, one being Alok Nembang’s Kohi Mero and the other, Bikash Acharya’s Nai Nabhannu La. Both these cinema had good appraisal from the spectators, so it is not incorrect to say that First Love had rough time drawing viewers.

First love is directed by Simosh Sunuwar, a young and devoted director, who is the son of famous radio persona and folk singer, the late Pandav Sunuwar. Simosh’s first feature film was Mission Paisa, which was released in 2009. It launched actress, Nisha Adhikari to the world of Nepali movies. Nisha has also acted in First Love; she plays the girl who is in love with Aryan Sigdel’s character. He is her first love; on the other hand, Karma (Mahesh Shakya) loves Nisha, but his love is one sided. Similarly, Binay Shrestha falls for Richa Sharma, after meeting with her once. This is a very filmy situation in the film, not unlike many others that we have seen.

The film spins about these five characters, who are attending the same college; this film reveals much about the college life in cities. Some of the scenes in this movie feel, as if they have been derived from other movies. This is not something novel for many Nepali and for that issue, any other cinema around the world. However, the movie has superior scenes and photography, with admirable use of camera. What makes the spectators uneasy is some of the plot, which otherwise is all right. The scene when Binay rapes Richa and then it is forgiven, and when Nisha decides Aryan over Karma, who sacrifices everything for her, seems idealistic.

This nepali movie has one message to give and that is, first love is the finest love, which provides an incorrect message to the viewers. Particularly, in instances where people have been wounded by cruelty by their first love, this communication does not seem righteous.

The rape scene in the movie has been a subject of much discussion, and the story writer has been accused of justifying a monstrous offense on screen. It is the accountability of a story writer and also the film maker, to take into contemplation the thoughts of the mass, when creating a scene on a fragile topic.

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