Fighting a World Title Fight With God

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The night before Rocky was due to fight Apollo Creed in the world heavyweight title for the world in the famous movie Rocky, he tells his girlfriend that he cannot win the fight. He admits that he was a nobody before he got the offer to fight and that he cannot possibly win the fight, but he tells his girlfriend that no one has ever fought a full fight with Apollo without being knocked out and he would aim to go the distance and be remembered for that. And that is what happens at the end of the fight and the end of the film. Rocky does not win the fight on points but has continued to stand after being knocked over a few times to the end of the fight.

The Christian walk had a Savior in a similar fight. Jesus looked like he lost that fight as he hung on the cross and most of his followers thought he had failed and abandoned Him, but Jesus went the distance.

Paul was another Apostle that seemed out for the count. Beaten with rods on many occasions, stoned twice, shipwrecked and thrown in prison, Paul’s Apostleship wasn’t even seeming to win against the onslaught of false apostles. But today sermons are preached all around the world every single day of the week from the letters Paul penned. Paul said the Christian journey was like a battle, a fight and a race and we as saints have to go the distance.

At 12 years of age I wanted to be an evangelist and now at 39 I am still not in that position. At one stage I wanted to enter Bible College and even entered one, only to lose my car, my license and my job, making it impossible to continue in my studies part time at a place I needed a car to get to and the money from my job to afford. Since then the Lord Jesus has told me quite clearly that He wants me to train direct from the Holy Spirit and not to enter Bible College.

Sometimes going the distance is just going through the motions. Verse by verse, line by line, article by article, book by book, prayer by prayer, church service after church service, prophecy after prophecy, lesson by lesson, repentance followed by living a life more holy and set apart.

You can do a lot more to follow God and prepare yourself for the Kingdom better simply by making the decision that you can go better and do better. Like Rocky you might not win the prize to be the best preacher in the world but when your days are up Jesus will give you the prize for going the distance.

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