Fashion Tips For Women With an Hourglass Figure

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Hourglass figure is the perfect body type. If you are one of those who have this figure, you are very lucky. With this body type, you can wear any fashion style. However, to boost your confidence you have to know the right way to highlight your body. By knowing the proper method, you will have many inspirations or ideas for your daily styles. It helps you to hide the fullness of your body and how to show up the best part of your figure. The proper the technique, the more beautiful you are.


Hourglass body is great with scoop neckline blouse or v-neck tops. It will make your chest and neck look slimmer and also make you thinner. Choosing the lighter tops and darker bottom will accentuate your waist. If you want to emphasize your asset, you can wear a semi-fitted blouse that only sits on your waist.

Alternatively, you can wear looser tops with belt that will highlight your figure. Well-fitting bra may support your appearance as well. Do not wear over-sized or even too tight tops because that clothes will make your upper look bigger.


Basically, hourglass figure is a proportional shape, so you can easily to show off the curvy lines by wearing flared hems skirts or dresses. If you go for soft and light fabric, you may highlight the ideal shape, especially on your waist.

Meanwhile, for the feminine look, you can choose a belted shirt dress that works amazing on your body. Just remember not to wear baggy dress or skirt because will hide your sexy waist. A-line, wrap, or pencil skirt may highlight your legs. Moreover, you can wear cardigans and belted jacket for showing your curves.


Boot-cut, low-rise and wide leg pants may look great on the hourglass body. It will fit on your silhouette and make you appear slimmer. Remember not to wear tapered jeans, but it is great if you choose the pocket less style. The simple style is better because your body will look slim and thin.

Although hourglass is a proportional figure, but you still need to know the right way to emphasize your body. It helps you to become more confidence and fashionable. Since there are many fashion style and brand to choose, you can easily find the best fashion item for you. You can see the latest style from the fashion magazine, so you will always up-to-date and be the more gorgeous woman.

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