Express Your Concern for the Environment – Wear Eco Friendly Ladies Tee Shirts

Perhaps you might have wanted for so long to be able to help the environment but do not just know how to take the first steps. Well, it’s a good thing that there are so many eco friendly ladies tee shirts available right now that you can proudly wear to show that you are concerned about the environment.

The eco friendly ladies tee shirts are not like the ordinary t shirts that you commonly see being sold at various stores. These shirts are made using eco friendly practices, which means that the production of these tee shirts did not bring the environment further harm.

As majority of people know, cotton is the most used type of fabric in making tee shirts. While it may be softest fabric, the common farming practices employed mostly by large clothing manufacturing companies could not be considered as eco friendly. Why?

You see, cotton needs a lot of fertilizers and pesticides in order to survive and to produce a really large yield. Tons and tons of these chemicals are being used in various cotton plantations around the world! The effect? The ecology in the surrounding area is destroyed, and human health deteriorates.

Yes, there have been studies which show that living organisms like birds, dwelling near cotton farms that use these chemicals, either get sick or die. Cotton workers who are exposed to these chemicals succumb to cancer.

But if you use eco friendly ladies tee shirts, you will be able to sleep at night peacefully knowing that the clothing you are wearing was made without harming the environment or sacrificing the health of cotton workers.

You can identify ladies tee shirts that are eco friendly because they are made from organic cotton. This means that the raw cotton used were grown without any of these harmful chemical-based pesticides and fertilizers. In fact, organic cotton farms, such as those found in Australia, utilize compost or animal manure for fertilizers. Ladybugs are used to drive away pests instead of harmful pesticides.

So you see, whenever you wear organic cotton ladies tee shirts, you are already expressing your concern for the health of the environment. And you could be so proud to walk the streets wearing one!

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