Embroidery Designs

Which do you prefer? The laborious hand made design or the easy to make machine embroidery patterns? No matter which type you choose, the intricacy and complexity of embroidery styles and designs can still be a stand out, especially if you choose the right threads and fabric. These are the factors that determine the beauty and elegance of the finished embroidered work together with the pattern and the design.

Before you decide, let’s have an overview of the two methods used in making embroidery design.

Hand embroidery is undeniably difficult since it requires clear eyesight and careful manipulation of the thread and fabric using the fingers and hands coupled with imagination and creativity. Other materials can also be added to come up with variety in designs or patterns. There are different types of hand embroidery designs, which include ribbon and lace embroidery, cross stitch, and canvas work.

Ribbon and lace embroidery has been used during the old times to produce floral designs. It is a good choice for starters since it is easy to do as compared with other types. Cross stitch is commonly used and is even the most famous type of embroidery that involves counted X shaped stitches to form various types of patterns and designs. It can also be made easily although it may require careful attention to the number of X stitches to follow the desired design. Canvas work uses yarns and canvas fabric, which may not be too easy for beginners.

Machine embroidery designs are used in almost any type of fabric, including a handkerchief, towel, t shirt, skirt, cap, or in any type of cloth or fabric. Machine embroidery is obviously much easier, especially when it comes to intricate designs and patterns. The design it produces can range from simple to complex. It is preferable to use computer controlled embroidery machines when you opt for complicated designs and patterns. However it must first be converted into digitized form which must be inputted to the computer’s system.

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