Embroidered Shirts, Hats, and Promotional Products – Avoid These Common Buying Mistakes

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Embroidered shirts, hats, and other promotional products can be a great tool in the quest to outfit your employees and to market yourself or your business. However, common mistakes often turn this experience into a money-waster. Here are some solutions to common buying mistakes and oversights to help keep you on track to success.

1. Customers don’t know the quality of the shirt they are actually buying

Especially when shopping on the Internet for the lowest wholesale price, people sometimes assume they’re buying good quality shirts. Some shirts are just too flimsy for embroidery. They may even be see-through. If you’re going to make a large purchase, make sure you are familiar with the brand and specifications of the shirt you’re ordering. If practical, purchase a sample first before you commit to a large order.

2. Customers purchase for their bottom line, not for the usability of the product

When shopping for promotional items, the lowest price should not always be the prime focus. If the product is too cheap-looking, it won’t be worn, and that defeats the whole point of giving out a promotional shirt, cap, or other item. The bottom line decision should always be made about whether or not the product will appear nice and stylish enough to wear, including after a dozen washings or so. Keep in mind that promotional products is your advertising in the field.

3. Customers don’t consider how their design will wear once it has been stitched

A consideration often overlooked regarding an embroidered graphic is how well the design will hold up to repeated laundering. Large, dense graphics such as fully-stitched-in rectangles are prone to curling after repeated washings. Circles and ellipses fare better. Free-form designs do the best against unwanted curling. Consult with your embroidery professional about your design.

4. Customers don’t try on the clothing

When talking about higher-end items like dress shirts or jackets, it may be important to try on a sample of the item before committing to a large purchase. Businesses often like to purchase team clothing in bulk at wholesale prices, and it’s too late to return items once they have been embroidered. Sizes often vary between manufacturers-one company’s size medium may run larger or smaller than another company’s medium. It’s best to arrange for samples and let people try on for the right sizing from that manufacturer.

5. Customers purchase cheap clothes to have an embroiderer personalize

People sometimes think that they can save money by buying clothes on sale somewhere and then have an embroiderer stitch out the desired text and design. The problem with this strategy is that sale items may not be suitable for machine embroidery. The embroiderer may not guarantee the work knowing that the customer may be purchasing something that is very difficult to work with from a stitching standpoint. Get price quotes first and you may find that the cost difference is not worth the hassle.

6. Customers wait until the last minute to place an order

Customers who wait to place orders for embroidery are not helping themselves. To successfully complete an order, an embroiderer needs to have the artwork rendered (called digitizing), the blank clothing products on hand, the right thread colors in stock, and the time to devote to the project. That all takes time. Give the embroiderer as much leeway as you can to avoid disappointment.

7. Customers do not know who is actually doing the work

When shopping for embroidery services over the Internet, people often do not realize that some websites are just order takers. They take the order and have another shop, sometimes in another country, do the actual work. While there’s nothing wrong with that when the customer is pleased with the results, problems arise when the work doesn’t satisfy. It means that you have to go through a go-between to fix problems.

One of the best ways to deal with all of this is to find an embroiderer who delivers the goods on time and to your satisfaction. Like finding a good mechanic or handyman, it saves a lot of headaches to know that the person handling your work is asking you the right questions and taking care of you.

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