Dress For Your Body Shape – Fuller Figure

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Characteristics of your body:
As your shoulders and upper body are narrower than your lower body, you need to dress for proportion. You will have wide hips and your bottom is on the fuller side. When you put on weight, it tends to be on your lower body.

– Dresses are the best thing to wear for this shape as they will offer proportion to your figure and are much easier to find the right fit
– Wear three-quarter length sleeves and below the knee hemlines

– Go for a simple, straight cut and single breasted style. A double breasted will add bulk to your lower half
– The coat should end just below the knee
– Go for structured but fitted shoulders
– Avoid pockets on hips as this will add bulk
– Avoid faux fur or padded coats as again, it will just make your bottom appear bigger

Evening wear
– Go for jersey fabrics to skim body (but avoid lycra)
– Halter neck, one shoulder, plunging, off the shoulder styles work best for your body shape
– Asymmetrical hemlines are flattering
– Go for a split up the front of the dress as it will lengthen your body
– Fur bolero jacket or capelet balance shoulders out
– Avoid any bias cut dresses or horizontal print

– Avoid jackets that sit below your hips
– Shorter, waist-nipping styles work best
– Bigger lapels & structured shoulders will balance out hips
– A waistband should clinch in at the waist or wear the jacket belted
– Avoid high necks as it will shorten you

– Wide horizontal, square or scoop will show off your decolletage
– Wide collared shirts are flattering
– Shorter voluminous sleeves like cap sleeves, floaty sleeves and puffy sleeves
– Go for three-quarter length styles
– Prints & stripes work well and create balance
– All tops MUST accentuate waist all else you will look round

– Straight leg cut, no skinny leg cuts as this will draw attention to your bottom
– Looser rather than skin tight work best
– Do not wear light colours on bottom – always remember light to dark. Light on top and dark on your bottom half
– Avoid narrow leg cuts below knees or ankles as this will draw attention to your hips
– Avoid bulky fabrics like tweed or shiny fabric like satin as they will bulk you up

– Tulip shape pencil skirts fits nicely around the bottom and accentuates your waist
– Knitted, below the knee styles will fit you nicely
– Avoid A-line, or short length as it will draw attention to your hips

Shoes & Accessories
– Wear heels or kitten heels with a pointy toe
– All upper body accessories only such as necklaces and earrings
– Avoid low-slung belts
– Avoid overly tight belts as it will make you look out of proportion
– Wear a bigger bag, a smaller one will make butt look big in comparison

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