Don’t Ask How To Be The Girl Every Guy Wants: The Question Will Only Distract You

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Women often fail to realize that men want a relationship with SOMEBODY, not merely any body. The best way in attracting true love is to get a good look at your life and settle your own issues. Whether you are in between relationships or not dating at all, the best thing to do is to be yourself. Don’t ask how to be the girl every guy wants. Don’t spend your time obsessing on how to get a guy to want you or asking “What do men want in a woman?” Those questions will lead you to become manipulative, a thoroughly unattractive trait. You need to be the girl that the right guy wants, and for that you need to embrace some life philosophies to enhance not just your love life but yourself.

1. Do the things you love, starting now.

If you are declining friends’ invitations – from out-of-town trips to simple bar-hopping thinking you can do all those things if you found the man of your life then better think twice. Never put your life on hold. Stop waiting for your knight to magically appear at your door with his shining armor. The best things in life can happen at present, so start doing those things today. In that way, you will be more attractive.

2. Dress for having fun yourself, not for men.

Whether at a bar, dinner or party with friends, stop obsessing over the potential man you might meet that night. Many girls love to dress up for guys, in revealing outfits like miniskirts and plunging tops thinking they will be more attractive to them. Plus, they will be super conscious of their looks, checking their reflection every minute. Want to know how to be the girl every guy wants? Simple, just begin to have fun, start to wear clothes you truly love, whether in comfy jeans and white shirt; you can’t keep guys from pounding at your door. Besides, if you are truly enjoying yourself, windows will open for opportunity to meet other people.

3. Singleness serves as relationship training.

Are you waiting to have a boyfriend before you start living? That’s a mindset that will make you feel anxious rather than at peace. Instead, work out WHAT makes you happy instead of WHO. Know how to use the present to explore your self, what makes you laugh, cry, satisfied and excited. Only on your own can you figure out what you really wanted — not through somebody else. Explore the world or explore your mind. Explore widely, or go deep. You must bring yourself to a relationship. How can you, until you have something to bring?

4. Give up that “The One” belief

There is nothing wrong with finding your soul mate but don’t get carried away too much with that thought. Ditch your long list of qualifications in waiting for the One and stop measuring every guy that comes into your life. Remember that there are many Ones that you might encounter, so better give someone a chance and try it out.

5. Make it your own

Don’t ask how to be the girl every guy wants. “Be yourself.” This old saying still hold true until today. Who cares if you snort while laughing or say something wrong? It is better to be bubbly and be a slightly goofy version rather than the blank-faced not-you with nothing to give in a conversation.

Making a guy fall in love doesn’t take an expert to be accomplished. Worrying about how to be the girl every guy wants will only distract you. You need to be the girl the right guy wants, and the right guy is one who wants you as you truly are. Try the tips listed above and you’ll surely capture his heart.

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