Do You Need External Help to Cure Your Excessive Sweating Condition?

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No one likes to walk around and sweat like a pig, it’s simply not cool. Other people can see you are sweating because of the stains it leaves on your clothes and for some; the odor can be so harsh it gets really embarrassing.

Here are some pointers that will tell you if you need external help in form of a “stop sweating book” or maybe even a doctor.

  • Your clothes is dripping wet within 15 minutes of taking them on
  • You often change your clothes several times a day, because of sweat
  • You cannot live a normal life because of your excessive sweating
  • You experience stress or other emotional issues
  • You often get fever or feel dizzy
  • Your sweat is colored or crystallized when dry
  • You skin is red or irritated because of sweating

If you can answer yes to one or more of the above, you should consider taking some serious actions towards controlling your condition.

I suggest you get hold of a good book or guide about excessive sweating. There are several of these guides available online and most of them are cheaper than going to the doctor and get a prescription.

It is also worth to mention that these guides offer 100% natural solutions to cure your problem.

In the meantime, you can always try to use baking soda to make your issue less noticeable. Just apply some powder on the areas where you sweat the most, for example under the arms or on the chest.

As long as you are wearing loose and bright colored clothing, you can use the baking powder trick, but do not attempt to do it with a tight black t-shirt. It will not be pretty.

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