Do Pheromones Really Attract Women? The Myth of Pheromone Sprays, Lotions and Potions

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In the back pages of any men’s magazine, you’ll see a multitude of adverts plugging the latest in pheromone sprays. These pheromones promise to have women drawn to you like moths to a shining light – like zombies mindlessly shuffling along searching for brains to munch on, women will apparently be sent into a similar trance like state, powerless to resist your new magnetic appeal.

But do these pheromone sprays actually work? Or is it all just advertising hype?

When I see these adverts, I’m reminded of a television commercial shown in the UK called ‘The Lynx Effect’ (look it up on YouTube).

This commercial depicts a tropical island scene with a bevy of gorgeous, toned, tight-bodied beauties. Then a very average looking, pasty white man sprays himself with Lynx deodorant…and suddenly these beauties are magnetically drawn to him.

While the Lynx Effect is obviously meant to be a joke, the promises made by these pheromone producing companies are not dissimilar to this commercial. Just spray and go!

So back to the original question – does this stuff actually work?

Aside from the fact that I find the concept of spraying another man’s sweat on myself pretty disgusting, the reality is these products do not, and cannot work. The only success that men get when using these products is with something I call ‘The new shirt principle’:

A man goes to an expensive clothes retailer and tries on a new shirt. It fits perfectly. He checks himself out in the mirror, does a little twirl, and smiles as he thinks ‘I look great in this’. Sure it costs a lot of money, but he’s happy to shell out the cash in order to look this good.

Later that night he’s out and about on the town, in his new shirt. He knows he looks great and is full of confidence. He gets talking to a girl and he knows that she will like him when he looks this good. Conversation flows easily, he kisses her and takes her number. He has never felt so confident!

Next morning he wakes up, thinks back to last night and grins – his new shirt sure did the trick.

He goes out again the next night, but has to wear a different shirt. Tonight everything is different – conversation with girls is stilted and awkward. Women look at him like he’s weird and creepy. Without his magic shirt, he is nothing.

What he needs to realise is that the shirt had nothing to do with it. It was all how he felt within himself. He felt super confident with his new shirt on, and women responded accordingly. Without the shirt, he didn’t display the same confidence and again, women responded accordingly.

So it’s quite possible you can cover yourself in pheromones and think ‘now the girls will go crazy for me’, and the girls will go crazy for you. But not because of the pheromones – because you were expecting the girls to be attracted to you. Because you were acting in a confident manner.

So maybe it would be helpful for you to stop and think, right now – how can I get myself into a confident state like this, without the need for a new shirt or pheromones?

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