Design Family Reunion Shirts Online – Have Fun and Save Money Making Tee Shirts Yourself

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Need an idea to celebrate your family reunion? Custom design family reunion shirts online is a great way to show your spirit. You can upload your own artwork or use an online shirt designers image and font libraries to create screen printed t-shirts that will make your event a memorable one! T-shirts are a long-time reunion staple. They characterize unity and pride and are not complicated to coordinate.

Collect everyone’s size, decide on t-shirt color(s) and design and find an experienced online company that will design shirts online and provides great service and quality. You want a company that fits your budget and timeframe. Choosing t-shirt design and color(s) are the toughest decisions. The least expensive t-shirt colors are white, ash gray or natural which also happen to be the best backgrounds for colorful designs. Listen to the experts as you make these changes. Don’t choose t-shirt and design colors that are too close in value, like royal blue and warm reds. Although they’re different colors, the values are so close that when used together, they tend to blend and detail is lost. Contrast is key, light with dark is best. White is the best canvas for full- and multi-color graphics.

When the time comes to design the shirts online, a good company will offer several ideas, viewable on their web sites. They can be personalized with your family name, logo, reunion date, location or any other information. They can also use your original design. Many families choose photos of ancestors or a family tree.

Another alternative and truly unique keepsake is to print family members’ signatures in a design. Signature designs give every family member a feeling of involvement and kinship. If collecting signatures prior to your event isn’t possible, a good alternative is to typeset family members names. It still creates a sense of union.”

Collect everyone’s sizes and keep track of them so there is no confusion when it’s distribution time. You will invariably need to guess a size for one or more members, so guess big. T-shirts are typically worn oversize, they’re a casual-comfort garment, so loose is best. Going a size bigger is also common for outfitting growing kids.

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