Dating Tips – Dating in Aberdeen

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Scotland’s third largest city is a very pretty spot for dating. Aberdeen, often known as ‘Granite City’ or ‘Silver City’ due to the silvery stone used in its buildings, has many museums and activities to enjoy, as well as a range of beautifully romantic parks and gardens.

Aberdeen Art Gallery

This gallery, in the heart of Aberdeen, has hundreds of paintings and sculptures including impressionist pieces, modern art and works by the Scottish Colourists. Even if you and your dating partner aren’t keen on spending too long looking at the art here, this can be a great stop-off point. With its amazing marble and granite hall, the gallery is set in such a gorgeous Victorian building that, bearing in mind there is free admission, a brief, leisurely browse can set the tone for a romantic day of Aberdeen experiences.

Crathes Castle

A short drive out of Aberdeen will take you to this 16th century castle which is open to the public through The National Trust. It presents an exciting Aberdeen dating adventure for those keen to experience something a little different, whilst taking in some genuine Scottish history. Within the castle is a range of portraits, as well as Scottish renaissance painted ceilings, including one in the Green Lady’s Room. This room is said to be haunted by a green lady, with a greenish mist having been spotted by a number of the castle’s visitors. The castle also has plenty of outside space for you and your dating partner to explore, including woodlands, fields and a walled garden, as well as a tea shop for a little light refreshment.

Slains Castle

Unlike the previous dating idea, Slains is not a real castle, but a popular bar with a range of delicious cocktails for those who would rather go somewhere a bit more central but just as spooky. This bar is set in an old church and, with its gothic feel, it does not lack atmosphere and is a popular spot for a chat and a drink. Slains Castle is situated on the bohemian Belmont Street, probably the classiest place to begin an evening of Aberdeen dating as it is packed with fun, approachable bars, music venues and quirky second-hand bookshops. There is also an arthouse cinema here – the Belmont – where you can enjoy a film in interesting surroundings.

The Prince of Wales

With one of the longest bars in Aberdeen, the Prince of Wales is a hidden gem in Aberdeen and tends to be packed with locals. This authentic pub is a great place to take your dating partner for a drink, particularly if either of you are into Real Ale.


This alternative music venue has been host to some amazing bands and also a clubbing venue. If your idea of a good time dating in Aberdeen is to enjoy live indie music or dance away the night on a club night, this is an excellent place to do just that. Visitors are known to practise their pole dancing skills at this venue and there are cocktails available to keep the spirits up.

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