Dating Advice For Guys – 4 Tips You Should Never Forget

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If you need dating advice from a guys perspective, then you are going to want to read this article. Here i am going to share with you four things i have discovered about women. The dating advice you are about to get may seem very simple and you might be tempted to ignore it. Do so at your own risk.

Ok, lets begin…

1. Women don’t want you to mention other women in their presence.

Women are jealous so you should never mention your ex-girlfriend unless it’s in your agenda to make her mad and destroy your date. Also, you must not brag about a previous relationship because that’s a sure sign of insecurity. To be on the safe side, don’t flirt with other girls in the vicinity.

2. Shabby is out!

Women don’t want to see you ‘as you are’ in your old shirts and ratty jeans. They keep a secret image of their dream guy inside their minds and this means you must at least try your best to look like that guy. With that said, you should also make an effort to dine out in a fancy restaurant with her. Women have become independent through time, but they still feel a certain warmth when a man pays for their meal.

3. Don’t pay with coupons during your date.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than having a guy pull out wads of coupons while you’re on your date. If you do this, you make the girl feel like she’s not worth a special date that you saved up for. No matter how poor you may be, you must have some left over for nights out or friendly beer drinking sprees. Take my advice and just save up for your date with a special girl.

4. Make an effort not to fart or belch in her presence (especially not in public places)

Have you seen shirts with “I’m with stupid” logos? I am convinced that these were invented with the belching groups of men in mind (the same ones that have fart contests in the living room). Respect her sensibilities and don’t treat her like one of your guy pals.

There’s nothing wrong with telling yourself that she should accept you for who you are, but remember, she is your date and she might be thinking of spending more dates with you. Don’t turn her off by acting like a naughty kid. Show her the best version of yourself and she will stay with you as your girlfriend for a long time.

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