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Your business has a unique identity and how you present your company is a reflection of your business goals and work ethics. The more professional you look in every way, the more likely you are to attract new customers and to keep established customers. One way that many businesses show their appreciation to their valued customers is by offering special promotional items that have been designed strictly for them.

Imagine a high quality item that has your name on it sitting on your customer’s desk. Picture an ad with a unique item that has been designed for your business which includes a one of a kind item. Some businesses have custom sewn items with their logos or a unique shape to represent their companies.

A well known whiskey manufacturer had little tuxedos made to fit over the bottles. Others have handy tote bags that their customers use over and over that have the company logo or slogan on them. While give away promotions are nice, other companies make good use of custom sewing companies by having them design costumes, banners, or show drapes for conventions or trade shows.

While many people are familiar with pens, hats, and tee shirts with company logos, other more custom sewn products are starting to catch on because they are so unique and make such a strong statement about the companies and how they want to reach out to their clients.

One thing that doesn’t usually come to mind when we think about custom sewing is three dimensional products, but just look around and you’ll find many creative ways that three dimensional fabric items are used in everyday life. One of the first, of course, is the stuffed bear or animal. Cuddly and cute, who can resist a stuffed animal? Now think of the cartoon like animals that are used to promote products–everything from toilet paper to banking.

Custom sewn items can run the gamut from stylish and sophisticated, like a tuxedo, to cute and fun, like a bear or doll. In the competitive markets today, you need to use every angle at your disposal to set yourself and your business apart from the competition. While you may have some ideas of your own, it’s also wise to talk to a sewing professional who may have worked on many such projects in order to get some free advice to choose the best way to market your business.

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