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Fashion has always been a big concept world wide. What you’re wearing says a lot about you, for example; if a person is wearing a custom made suit to work, you can guess that he’s a professional with an important job, if someone is wearing torn jeans and a stained shirt you can guess that they have very little going for them.

This is one of the reasons that at all the big celebrity awards shows they ask the actors what they’re wearing, because they look very elegant and sharp. But just because you’re wearing scrubs doesn’t mean you can’t have the same appeal. Today almost all the scrubs you see, or the people you see them in, look like they are wearing a bag that they just cut holes in. This baggy look is not very professional, it lacks style and sophistication, and thus shows the person as someone who doesn’t care, or take pride in their appearance.

Although this is the common way for scrubs to look, its not the way they have to look. With fashion and professionalism stressed around the world, many companies are taking it upon themselves to hand make scrubs for the hard working professionals who need them. Tall, petite, and average scrubs that are hand made look 100 times better than mass produced off the rack scrubs. And on top of that, those of us who need tall or petite scrubs can rarely find scrubs that look decent on us, let alone good, and we end up having to pay alteration fees every time we purchase them. So, if you are going to spend a little more anyway why not just buy custom made scrubs to begin with, they look better, last longer, and in the end cost less than regular scrubs.

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