Cubic Zirconia Cufflinks Making a Comeback

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Cufflinks are a fabulous style statement for both men and women. Everyone needs to wear cufflinks on one occasion or another. They are the perfect accessory for any dress shirt, whether purely decorative or functional.

Styles of Cufflinks

You may think of cubic zirconia cufflinks as somewhat dated or cheesey, but they can be a great finishing piece like the right item of jewelry or a standout pair of shoes. We’re not suggesting golf ball cufflinks, Superbowl or “ball-and-chain” wedding cufflinks. Rather, there are some elegant cufflink designs made with precious metals like sterling silver, gold and gemstones that you’ll keep for a lifetime. Monogrammed cufflinks also create a distinguished look. Finally, you can get cufflinks that coordinate with a necklace, making for a lovely set.

Cufflinks are a great gift idea since you don’t have to worry about sizing, and you can safely incorporate the recipient’s sense of personal style. Stainless steel can be a more affordable option than sterling silver or gold cufflinks, but that is not always the case. Some cufflinks have cubic zirconia, diamonds, or other gemstones such as agate or opal that raise the cost higher than a fancy pair of earrings or high-end gemstone ring.

Classic Cufflinks

Classic cubic zirconia cufflinks are typically square, rectangular or circular. They can be made from precious metals, glass, crystal, and enamel. Another traditional style is the silk knot cufflinks, which come in a variety of colors and tend to blend in well with the shirt. A pair of high-quality silk knot cufflinks can run about $30 dollars, but if stored properly, can last a lifetime.

How to Wear Cufflinks

Typically, cufflinks are only noticeable from some angles and shouldn’t overpower the sleeve. For those who work in a formal office (i.e. opposite of us) they are one of the few opportunities, along with neckties, for the wearer to show a bit of personality.

Cufflinks can be worn in two different styles. You can either wear it in a “tube” style which resembles a typical cuff. You can also wear the “kissing cuffs” look which presses the insides of each sleeve together in a pinched style. Either way is easy to secure, but it’s always good to have help the first time you put them on.

Wearing cufflinks on a basic white dress shirt with a pair of jeans or a tuxedo will bring your outfit to a new level. Try on a set of cubic zirconia cufflinks for a stylish, sophisticated look.

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