Cuba Vacations: My Honeymoon in Varadero Beach

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When we get married we many times visualize a fantastic honeymoon in a beach resort where all you can enjoy are crystal clear waters and a shiny sun, with a lot of oceanic peace. If you add some nautical sports and a lot of night rhythms, you will find yourself in a Caribbean getaway, where Cuba could be a nice destination for the newlyweds.

Since I was looking for a quiet and romantic honeymoon with my husband in Varadero, my favorite Cuban beach destination, our lodging option was the Blau Varadero hotel because of its great reviews. When we got there the first thing I noticed was its magnificent architecture, resembling an unusual pyramid. The lobby was splendid, large; it boasts a simple elegance that mixes perfectly with the surroundings. If you are thirsty, like we were because of the 2 hour trip from Havana city, you will enjoy some welcome beverages that the hotel offers in reception, such as juices of tropical fruits and cider. Even though check in was at 16:00hrs, we arrived early and we had lunch at the Barbacoa Las Adelfas on the pool zone while waiting for our room to be ready. The view was nice, and the service was good but the buffet was light for good eaters like my husband. There was a wide variety of salads, fruits, hamburgers, fries, hot dogs, and there were 3 flavors of ice cream for dessert. You may also have a light lunch by the beach, at the Snack bar La Duna, from 12:30-19:00 hrs, while you observe the gorgeous sea. Another advantage of these places: you can keep your informal beach wear; so bermudas, shorts and sleeveless shirts, or perhaps the blouse you prefer to wear with your bikini are allowed.

At the end of our lunch time we ordered coffee at the lobby bar (it was stunning by the way), and I think it was the best spot to witness the magic vegetation that adorns the hotel floors and the transparent walls of the elevators coming up and down; the sculptures and the paintings in the walls and the stained glass. I soon noticed that was a popular spot for visitors to chat and gather around. This lobby bar Orquídea offers cocktail specialties from 10:00-00:00 hrs, but make sure to get a seat early because when the hotel is full it is almost impossible to find a place after lunch or dinner time, so my “Plan B” would be the delightful Piano Bar on the third floor. Great ambiance, with classical music playing at the piano, so you can sit there, order a coffee, a cocktail or just enjoy a good whisky while enjoying a pleasant conversation.

When it was time to go to our room, the reception staff let us know, since we were at our honeymoon an hotel had the availability, we got an upgrade to an ocean view room on the 11th floor (the hotel has 13 floors!) and a dinner reservation at Palma Real Restaurant, with a nice international menu. We were very pleased. When we got the first look at our room it was just amazing. From the balcony of our terrace we could watch the catamarans promenading in the ocean, the great pool with its bright blue color, the tennis courts, the restaurants, etc. You just can’t help to feel very excited! The bed was a king size bed, and it displayed a beautiful and artistic arrangement of towels made by our maid. The bathroom was large and it featured a hairdryer, vanity mirror, and beauty products such as shampoo and bath gel. The Hotel Blau Varadero also gave us a bottle of wine to celebrate our honeymoon, and the hotel room had a minibar that was refilled every day with 1 bottle of water, 2 soft drinks and 2 local beers included in the All-Inclusive-Package. So if you are a little bit lazy or you just want to spend more time at the hotel room you won’t be thirsty at all. If feel like indulging yourself or your couple you can order a body massage at the SPA & Health Center, where there’s also a sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi and hydro massage shower.

One of the moments I enjoyed the most with my husband was the catamaran sailing. While we sailed with a hotel instructor we noticed other beautiful Varadero hotels from the translucent waters of the sea. This is without a doubt a “must” experience in your Cuba vacations. You can also learn how to dive, but at the end we just got pleasure from a walk by the beach.

Another plus of staying at Blau Varadero hotel for your honeymoon is its closeness to the Dolphinarium, a place that you’ll want to visit, especially if you’ re a big fan of these incredible smart animals. There is a great 1 hour show with dolphins, and you can also take a picture with them and even take a swim with them!

Do evaluate Cuba and Varadero beach for your honeymoon or vacation. We had a wonderful time and have no big complaints. There are many Cuba hotels with very good standards. The Blau Varadero was a choice we do not regret.

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