Cravat Trends For Men

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Cravats are popular and stylish. The sophisticated neck wrap has been a popular alternative to neckties. Actually it is a something in between a men’s scarf and a necktie. A smart formal wear which is traditionally a little different from a tie, has been worn by men for all formal purposes.

Cravats are available in a variety of colors, prints, styles and patterns. Conceptually cravats were wider materials than ties, but overtime they have narrowed down a bit. Cravats are now produced keeping in mind the tastes of the modern man and his changing tastes. Cravats have also gained popularity because they are a different wear than the ties. They look the same, fulfill the same purpose, yet make you stand out of the tie crowd.

Various styles that are available vary from stripes to checks, plains to polka, and other dense prints. Worn with a formal plain shirt and tuxedo, they look far more formal than a tie. They are stylish wears that replace ties and are not as tightly knotted as the regular ties are. Even pre-tied cravats are quite popular, owing to ease of wearing them.

Not just regular formal occasions, cravats have also been a very popular formal fashion accessory for weddings. Worn on the wedding or the reception eve, cravats look stunning when accompanied with a contrast shirt and a blazer suit. A number of men’s fashion accessories will add to the wedding look of the groom. A cuff link is often put on the loose folds of the cravat. Studded cuff links on plain cravats and the lighter shades look specially nice.

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