Corporate Clothing – A Strong Sense of Identity

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Corporate clothing, providing quality menswear or ladies clothing can be an important part of any company brand image. Employees are not only ambassadors for the company for whom the work, they are also walking advertisements if the clothing also incorporates logos or slogans or indeed colours that are identified with a particular corporate brand. Just as there have to be considerations when a marketing team devises a campaign for a product that takes into account various strategies and link multi-media saturation; web, TV, radio and advertising in the press, industry journals, magazine as well as billboard advertising, press releases, promotions, product awareness through special events and conferences or trade shows, there has to be thought given to the brand image of a corporation by the clothing their employees wear. Outside specialist workwear required for health and safety, practicality, comfort and appearance are important for employees who regularly meet with the public in performing their everyday duties.

The staff ‘uniform’ for many corporations is provided for employees and though some particularly fashion-conscious workers may resent the limitations on expressing their creativity or their personalities that a ‘uniform’ foists upon them, there are many who appreciate not having to worry about what to choose to wear to work each day. They also appreciate that their work clothes separate their working life from their private and personal and social lives as it serves as a reminder for them that they are now in role for the job they do. As such, the ‘uniform’ gets them into the frame of mind for conducting themselves in a professional manner and upholding the standards expected by their employer. What employers have to bear in mind is that to feel good you have to look good so any corporate clothing needs to be of a high quality, with a good finish, be available in current fashionable styles and incorporate details like colour and designs in such a way that there is a balance between being noticeable and identifiable without being so much so that the wearer feels self-conscious or embarrassed and thereby resentful to wear the clothing to and from their place of work.

There have to be allowances made for maternity wear in women’s clothing when female staff who might be pregnant are at work and not just in making shirts, blouses skirts or slacks more voluminous to cope with the increased girth of a pregnant belly. Footwear too might have to breach the regulation style. Similarly, if a worker is injured or incapacitated in such a way that wearing the corporate clothing is restrictive, uncomfortable, impractical or dangerous for them allowances have to be made. Circumstances where a worker has to wear a cast or splint or some such device that is meant to assist their recovery may arise and employers need to have guidelines in place for what would still be acceptable and remains in line with the corporate dress policy without compromising comfort, practicality and appearance. Common sense is probably the best guideline and co-workers and the public alike would probably understand accommodating an employee’s needs for a short-term breach of the regulations without affecting the perceived image.

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