COOL HATS is NOT a Slang term, a COOL HAT keeps the Head Cool, which also keeps the Body Cool

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Kevin Pringle’s mother came up with this idea back in 1999, she tried to develop it and market it, but things just were not right at the time. She shelved the idea until her son got into a class in college that showed him how to market them. He has been trying now for about two months to get it on the road, so far it has not lit the rocket to the moon. The local paper here in Mesa, Arizona ran an article on it. I seen the article and wanted to see what I could do to market it on my website.

Cool Hats are designed to keep the head cool, which helps to keep the body cool also. It has some cooling crystals inside the hat. To activate the crystals, all you need to do is get it wet, wring it out gently and put it on your head. The Cooling Cool Hat does the rest. Several hours later when the cooling effect wears off, all you have to do is repeat the wetting procedure and again, it is a COOL HAT, keeping your head and the rest of your body cool for hours.

How many times have you been out in the heat of the day, perspiring, and wishing you had some shade to help make you a little cooler. I have, you have, and almost everyone has, BUT this does not have to be the case for the future, you could be in a cooling environment continually, but you have to know just how to do this. Cool Hats are designed to keep your head cool, which in reality, keeps the whole body cool. Being cool is everyones desire when they are in the hot sun hour after hour.

Our Sun has been doing it’s job now for centuries and will continue doing it long after we both have gone. We need the sun for many reasons, to help us grow our vast farmlands, our corn, beans, Oranges, Tomatoes, , you name it, our Sun really has a tremenous job to perform and it has been doing it now since time began, and it doesn’t ask anything in return, in fact, it gives to us continually. Without the Sun, we just would not be here, period. Thank goodness we have ole Sol up there shining down upon us, keeping us warm, well fed and energized.

For all the sun does for us, we still need to be cooled down a little once in a while. Do we deserve it? I believe we do deserve being cooled down. There have been a miriad of methods used to cool us down, we have gone swimming, napped in the shade of a nice large tree, or just stopped and taken a minute or two to rest. We have even designed Air Conditioning Units for our homes, our cars, Office building, churches, and any place people gather. Go to a mall, to a doctors office, school, or any other place and what do you find? Nice cool air, sometimes too cold for a few of us, but Man has been working on the problems of keeping cool for centuries, and He will continue until He has found the Ultimate Cooling Device. Has he found it yet? Every year something new comes around to keep man cool. When this cooling device comes we will all use it wisely.

This time, we have found what will keep us Cool when we are working, or outside for any other purpose, we have the Cool Hats available. How long will this last? No one knows, but it is here and now and we should use it for what it has been designed for, Keep us Cool in the heat of the day, pure and simple. Next week, next year, something else will come along and times will have to change with it. Today, is Today, and we have to use it wisely. Check out our Cool Hats and be cool when you want to be cool. You really don’t need to have a Cool Hat to keep cool, you can do as we have for centuries and just go inside and rest for a while, or you can just go to our website and take a look at some of the Cool Hats, [

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