Controlling Sweat While Hunting Outdoors

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Hot and sweaty is a sensation most hunters try to avoid, but the whitetail enthusiasts and other big game hunters enjoy the odor-control capabilities of many clothing apparel that is on the market today.

These types of apparel have the ability to keep you cool in warm-weather conditions that makes this performance base layer exceptional in the winter woods. A thirty-degree temperature swing is normal throughout a day of hunting and a forty-degree temperature difference from the day’s high and low is not uncommon. Mornings often start in the low twenties with afternoon temps reaching the upper fifties or sixties. While these temperatures are not extreme, proper layering is still crucial to remain comfortable throughout the day.

There are many garments available today that are constructed using a unique odor-controlling and temperature-regulating fabric called Visa Endurance. This unique fabric helps insulate for warmth during the coldest part of the day, while moisture-wicking technology pulls sweat away from your body and toward the garment surface for quick evaporation to keep you cool and dry. In addition to superior comfort, it also keeps you from getting winded by game.

Using special antimicrobial technology these garments help keep sweat from making you and your clothes smell. This is achieved via the garment’s durable silver ion-based finish, which prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. These garments are available in relaxed-fit and form-fitting versions. The form fitting garments fit snuggly next to your skin, making it the least bulky option for a base layer while the relaxed fit garments feature a looser cut and may be preferred by those who intend to use the shirt specifically as an outer layer when hunting in extremely hot, muggy weather.

It is tough to imagine a garment you would want to wear in all hunting conditions, but these garments will, because they fit well, feel good next to your skin, and are easy on the wallet to boot. Many individuals will wear theirs as a base no matter what the forecaster says, whether it is from freezing cold to blazing hot, these garments will provide odor protection and comfort unmatched by any other base layer on the market today.

For foot gear you may want a boot that is made from a full grain leather upper that has been taken from the top layer of a cowhide, which is the strongest and most durable part of the hide. You will also want a boot that is made out of synthetic material that will allow your feet to breath better than boots that are made out of one hundred percent leather. One material is cordura, which is very resistant to tears, abrasions, and punctures. The boots your choose should have an interior type bootie that will help keep all water from entering the boot and causing your feet to get soaked. Whenever you are purchasing clothing to wear while you are hunting or camping in the outdoors you really may want to choose the type of clothing that will keep you dry no matter what the weather conditions are outside.

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