Colors For Your Skin Tone

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Most women will not leave their house without some sort of make-up on. On the other hand, some women do not know the first thing when it comes to make-up and are intimidated by the many colors, styles, brands, and types of make-up that are out there today. This should help.

There are two basic types of skin tones: cool and warm. The easiest way to tell which one is best for you is to compare the skin to a white and then a beige color t-shirt. If the white looks better, than the skin is cool. Cool skin works best with blue or pink undertones in the foundation, pale blues, purples, dark greens, gray eye shadows, and pink blushes.  

Warm (the skin that looks better in beige) works with yellow base foundation, bronze, cream, light brown, pink, soft green and coral eye shadow, and copper and warm brown blushes. For both types of skin, however, the darkness and lightness will also determine the shades worn. Fair skin works best with pink tawny and beige blushes, and darker skin with plumbs, auburn, or rich bronzes. Tanned & dark skin looks best in warm neutral colors.

Eye shadow color is the most difficult to pinpoint because not only does skin tone play a part, but also, eye color, hair color, clothing colors. Blue eyes mostly look good in pinks, blues, browns, and violet shades. Brown eyes look good in beige, toffees, chocolates, whites and dark browns. Green eyes look good in peach, pink shades and purples. Hazel eyes are lucky and can go with almost any color type depending on their tendencies toward green, blue, or brown.

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