Collar Stays Have Become An Important Clothing Accessory For Men

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Collar stays (also known as collar bones, collar sticks or collar stiffeners in UK) are shirt accessories. They are rigid and smooth strips of plastic, metal, baleen, horn or mother of pearl, rounded at an end and pointed at another. They are basically inserted in specially designed pockets on underside of the shirt collar of a man. Men in order to stabilize the points of the shirt collar use this clothing accessory. The stay ensures the collar to lie flat against the collarbone so that it remains stiff.

The collar stays have become an important fashion accessory for men. Every fashion conscious man is sure to have these clothing accessories in his wardrobe. This makes a man look stylish and smart. It in fact gives the man a perfect look. By using this small fashion accessory, a man can keep the collar of his shirts in the correct place. If the collar isn’t in the right place the man looks shabby.

Your clothes and other accessories play a great role in reflecting your character. Not only is it essential to wear the right shirt for right occasions it is also important to put on the right accessory with it. For instance, if you are planning to appear for an interview it is a must for you to wear a collar stay underside your shirt collar or else the interviewer will look down upon you.

Clothes play an important role when appearing for interviews. You may be a very bright student and might have answered all the questions correctly as asked to you by the interviewer. You didn’t even have any problem with the salary structure but still you failed to get a job in that big corporate. Did you ever come back home and give a second thought to the reason as to why did they not select you? The answer might be the collar stays. So, the next time you appear for an interview, keep in mind to wear an iron pressed shirt and formal pant with the collar stiffener attached to your shirt collar so that you look just like a perfect corporate.

Collar stiffeners make a wonderful gift. So, do you want to present your husband or boyfriend a collar stiffener that would best suit the taste and need of the wearer? You can even personalize it to match the personality of the wearer and present him on his birthday. The engraved collar stays can in fact make your loved one feel special. He will surely preserve and cherish your gift for his lifetime.

However, when buying collar bones there are certain important things that you need to keep in mind. Always go for branded collar stiffeners because they ensure quality materials. Also consider your budget. Collar bones of different price ranges available. If you have a low budget you can go for plastic collar stiffeners. Metal collar bones are however more pricey than plastic.

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