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We all know the story of Lot found in the Old Testament. Lot’s daughters made him inebriated and slept with him and had children. As an idiom Lot means incest.

Example: Lot is very rare in society.

Lot’s Wife

When God was punishing Sodom and Gomorrah Lot and his family were fleeing from there. God cautioned them not to look back. Lot’s wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. As an idiom it means encountering a troublesome situation from which there is no escape.

Example: Till now I have not had a Lot’s wife.


We all know the story of Jacob who cheated his brother and got the blessings come from the father. As an idiom Jacob means a deceiver.

Example: There are many Jacobs in the society.

Some friends turn out to be Jacobs.


Abel was the bother of Cain and he was murdered because Cain became jealous as God was pleased with Abel. As an idiom it means innocence.

Example: Children are Abels.

My wife is an Abel.

Moriah Hills

The Moriah hills were the place God asked to sacrifice his son. This was done to test the faith of Abraham. Then afterwards God became kind and asked him to sacrifice a ram that was entangled in thicket. As an idiom Moriah hills is kindness, mercy and benevolence.

Example: We must be Moriah hills to the oppressed of the society.

Governments need to practice Moriah hills to weed out inequalities from the society.


Joseph’s story comes from the Old Testament. He was sold by his brothers to the Egyptians. When Potiphar’s wife asked to bed with him: he refused. He was put in jail. When he interpreted the dream of some prisoners: he was later on called by the Pharaoh to interpret the dreams he had. Joseph with God’s intervention was successful in interpreting the dreams and the Pharaoh made him a minister of Egypt. Joseph as a meaning has got two idioms: one the dream interpreter and the other rising to success after a period of downfall.

Example: Freud was an excellent Joseph.

We should be a Joseph of our dreams.

When will God allow me to become a Joseph?

I would like to be a Joseph of the society.


Moses in the Old Testament was the leader who redeemed the Israelites out of captivity from Egypt. Moses as an idiom means a redeemer.

Example: I need a Moses to redeem me from my financial bondage.

A Moses is needed to bail out the economy.

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