Christmas Gift Ideas For New Moms

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One of the best ways to give your spouse or partner their much needed relaxation time is by offering to clean the house. Not only is this a wonderful way to appease her increasing stress level during the holidays, it is a great way to save on the expenses that have her worrying at the bit. You may even be surprised by how pleased she will be to receive this kind of gift from you. Whether or not you choose to simply do the act of house-work implying that it is part of her gift, or add a little more creativity in the mix; by creating some fun coupons for her to cash in on at her own whim. Just keep in mind however, despite how charming and helpful this gift is; this shouldn’t be the only gift that you give this woman who works 265 days a year 24 hours a day.

Remember, that despite the appearance of the lack of want to get ready in the mornings; perfume is still a wonderful way to show your appreciation and love. One of the most important things to do however, is to know how to choose the right scent for this devoted mother. If she has already chosen her favorite scent, you may wish to simply purchase another bottle; so that she doesn’t feel the need to conserve in the threat of oncoming bills and financial woe. Another thing to keep in mind, is that purchasing cheap knock-offs will probably not gain you any brownie points for the holiday season; it usually will cause the woman to become insulted or make her feel worse about her self presumed worth.

You know the saying, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”? While your wife or partner clearly isn’t a girl anymore, this saying still holds true. Even if you aren’t able to afford expensive diamonds, you may want to consider some jewelry that may make a sentimental connection with her. Choosing items such as a Mother’s ring (a ring that has the birth stone of her new infant), or something to do with remembering the job that she does every day to keep your child healthy and happy. However, if you have discussed having more children; you will need to take this into consideration when purchasing an item like this, as many companies will place in “filler” stones that can later be replaced by the correct birth stone of any up-coming children.

What is a better way to show you care with an Electronic Massage chair? While a massage from you is always nice, you aren’t always going to be available to work the many knots gained by the tremendous manual labor that she preforms daily. This is a wonderful gift for any woman, especially one who has had a new-born strapped to her hip throughout the day. This can help to create a relaxing atmosphere for the mother in your life, enabling her to relax. It has also been proven to help women produce more milk-flow during breast feeding, as she will allow her body to relax. Along the same lines, you may wish to get her a matching foot-massager, to aid those ailing tootsies for an hour or two a day.

Another great way to show the woman you love that you care, is by sending her away on a spa weekend. This is a wonderful way to show that you do indeed care for her health, and to boost her self esteem. She of course will need to be comfortable with a weekend retreat, as she will probably worry herself sick while away from her new-born. The weekend will help her to get some much needed sleep, as she is not needed to get up throughout the night to check on her little one; instead is only needed to sleep and rise early enough to get pampered throughout the day.

Even if the woman in your life isn’t quite ready to leave her little one in the capable hands of her partner, for the entire weekend; there are other ways to give her the same experience. Opting to get her a private spa collection is a wonderful way to let her know that she CAN pamper herself, without everything falling to pieces around her. These self-pampering spa kits usually come with scented oils, lotions, which all have scents that she can use within the privacy of her own home as she wishes. This of course is the time that you should offer her a little “alone” time with a bubble bath, a relaxing cd, and herself; while you take care of the little one.

Another option for you to choose from, if this savvy mother use to enjoy the bronze coloration that her skin would get in the summer; is a tanning salon package. This will enable her a reason to go out and do something nice for herself, which will help to boost her moral. However, if she isn’t the type to get tanned; you may instead opt for a manicure or pedicure package that will allow her to get away from it all, for twenty minutes a day with some much needed “me” time.

Even if you aren’t able to purchase some of the more expensive packages from a salon, you may simply opt for a day with the girls. Give her the day to hang out with her friends without the little one, which will enable her to get out and socialize with adults. This will help her to vent any stress that she might have with being a new mother, and enable her to get some time with a person her own age.

Lastly, you should always show her how much YOU care for her. Getting a sitter for a night before the holidays, and taking her out on the town. Letting her know that you understand that she may be overwhelmed, but that she is doing a wonderful job as a provider and mother. Even if she doesn’t have the time to shower, simply take her out to a nice dinner, movie, and some much needed “us” time that may have seemed to slip through the cracks after your new addition.

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