Choosing a Designer Jean – Popular Designer Jean Styles Explained

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Designer Jeans can be a confusing item of clothing to buy, there are a ton of different brands out there, Jack & Jones, Quiksilver, Zoo York to name a few.

Choosing a brand though is the easy part, however there are also many different styles which can make things confusing, some of which I will try and explain for you below.

The most popular types of designer jeans I’ve come across been the Straight Jean, Boot Cut, Low-Rise and Skinny Jeans, so these are the ones I will explain.

We’ll start off with the Straight Jean, a fairly simple one really. This jean is the same width down your leg. What’s great about this jean is that they’re stylish, but also comfortable. They’re great as an urban wear type look with a pair of laces up shoes and a slim jacket.

Boot-cut Jeans. These jeans got their origins from, well quite simply, being made to be worn with boots. Hence the name! This jean is fairly standard at the top, just like a straight cut jean, however begins to taper out at the knee and becomes loose around the ankle area. These jeans can give quite a baggy look. Also popular as a typical urban wear look, these jeans are comfortable and look great with a decent t-shirt and sneakers. Becareful with sizing on these as the looser fit can mean your normal size is too big.

Low-Rise Jeans. The Low-Rise jean is made to sit lower on the hips of the wearer than conventional jeans. The ‘rise’ on a jean is the distance between the crotch and the waist. On Low-Rise jeans this can be around 8 inches, while conventional jeans are around 12 inches. Popular with the teenage crowd, this jean is more suited to a slimmer build.

Skinny Jeans. As their name suggests this jean is tight. This jean gives a snug fit right the way down through the legs and end in a tight fit around the ankles. If you’re of a skinny build and can pull this jean off then it looks fantastic, if however not the most comfortable. Popular with women it has now increased in popularity with the male crowd due to its preference by rock and indie groups.

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