Buying Wedding Cufflinks For Your Autumn Wedding

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An Autumn wedding should embody the essence of this gorgeous season which focuses on the golden glow of candlelight, romantic details, and earthy accents. If you and your partner decide to exchange vows during the Autumn season, careful attention to detail in taking into consideration these specific characteristics will guarantee the right tone and mood is set for your wedding day. All of your choices from your decorations to your invitations, right down to the cufflinks your groomsmen will wear should be considered carefully to go with any wedding theme and, more importantly, achieve an intimate Autumn feel.

With numerous shops offering a large range of cufflink designs available, it may be hard to determine which style is best for your nuptials. So, we’ve done all the hard work for you and came up with the best choices for Autumn 2013:

Silver Nest Cufflinks

You simply can’t go wrong with this style. With modern yet intricate lines the design evokes the texture of a bird’s nest and the natural form of sticks and twigs – ideal for any Autumn wedding.

Silver Barrel Cufflinks

This is a design that is intricate and sophisticated. The highly polished finish and the textured pattern add interest but the look is still understated. What’s great about this design is that it’s not only simple, but it’s versatile too. It doesn’t matter what the dress code or theme is, these cufflinks are sure to keep you accessorised in style.

Carbon Fibre Cufflinks

Look for carbon fibre set in shiny gunmetal grey rhodium. The dark metallic finish is fit for Autumn and Winter weddings since styling is focused on dramatic tones and rich colours. This modern look will best compliment a more formal dress code and will make a strong and stylish statement when worn with a black suit and a crisp white shirt.

Gold Ingot Cufflinks

This design is simple and elegant. The rectangular shape is simply delicate and will look great on just about any cuff. Look for a gold rhodium that has a warm look as this will team perfectly with the rich, earthy colours often incorporated into Autumn wedding themes.

Blue Multistripe Cufflinks

This is for a touch of colour opt for a Multistripe cufflink design. This will look striking on either a white or blue cuff and can be worn with a navy or black suit. The combination of rich blue hues is ideal for any Autumn wedding, contrasting perfectly against the earthy tones of the season.

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