Buying Vintage Silk Maxi Wrap Skirt Dress

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Hopefully this guide will come in handy for anyone wanting to buy a vintage silk maxi wrap.

Ways to wear

All of these wraps can be worn up to or more than 100 ways! They are known to be the most versatile piece of clothing on the market. With one wrap you are able to choose if you would like to wear it as a skirt, dress, top, sarong, sari style, poncho or shawl. The wraps are also made from two layers of material and are reversible.

Most sellers will include an instruction sheet or DVD which demonstrates a few ways to wear your wrap. Don’t limit yourself to what is on the instruction sheet, be creative and let your imagination run wild! You will be amazed with some of the styles you can come up with.

Things to look out for:

When buying a vintage wrap online make sure you research the brand and also the seller as quality of the fabric and workmanship can vary drastically. Wraps with 3 loop holes will increase the amount of styles that you will be able to achieve. These wraps are usually made from 80% silk with a blend of either 20% rayon or 20% polyester, both I have found to be very good. Some of the fabrics used may contain embroidery, mirrors, metallic threads, or other embellishments. Fabric finish may have satin, Georgette, chiffon, cotton or other weave. Some fabrics are lighter or heavier than others.

If you are after a specific look or feel about your wrap be sure to ask the seller before making your purchase. When buying remember that these wraps are made from a vintage fabrics so imperfections in design, print, weave or dye are characteristic and are not considered as a defect or flaw.

When choosing your wrap:

A standard size vintage sari wrap is approximately 120 cm in width and will fit a size 8-16. Plus size wraps are also available which fit a size 16-24 both standard and plus size come in a range of lengths 20″ 24″ 28″ 30″ 34″ 36″.

When buying a vintage silk wrap the most important thing to consider is what you are wanting to achieve from the one piece of material. 30″ through to 36″ can be used for any of the styles regardless of your height. If you are taller make sure you measure from the top of the bust down to the desired length to ensure that you have chosen the right length.

Being taller myself my favorite lengths are 30″ through to 38″. If I am wanting to wear any of the shorter wraps in a dress style I will wear a pair of ¾ pants or jeans underneath or I will match another wrap and wear it as a skirt. Using 2 wraps to create one outfit can have a stunning effect.

For Mother and Baby:

They are a wonderful buy for expecting mothers as one wrap will see you through your whole pregnancy as you can pick the style that will fit your bump. Once bub arrives the wraps are excellent to wear when heading out into public places as there is always excess material that can be pulled up to cover the breast and feeding baby.

I also used one of these wraps to create a lovely soft sling to carry my baby in.

For the children:

These wraps are an excellent purchase for the every growing little girl as 20″ wrap can be worn from about 18 months as a dress when it becomes shorter as they grow through the years they can start to wear the wrap as a top or skirt.

Don’t miss out:

If you ever see a wrap and fall in love with it avoid disappointment and BUY IT as all of these wraps are complete one off’s made from vintage Indian Sari fabric and will never be seen again.

The most wonderful thing about these wraps is that they can be worn all year round! In the warmer months they can be worn by themselves with a nice pair of strapped sandals, in cooler months they can be worn over pants, tights, or a pair of boots.

Care Instructions:

Manufacturers of the vintage sari skirt recommend hand wash in cool water but I always put mine in a pillow case and pop them in the machine on a gentle wash.

Drape evenly over the clothes line and it shouldn’t require an iron. If ironing is required do so on a low heat setting.

When you receive your wrap it may have a slight “vintage” smell. If so, simply soak your wrap overnight in wool wash or mild clothes washing detergent.

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