Business Presenting for Leaders – Break The Rules

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“A conservative is a person who does not think anything should be done for the first time.”

-Frank Vanderlip

If you’re just starting out in presenting, what’s your first thought?

How are things done? What are the rules?

If you’re an expert presenter, you most likely have learned the rules. And now you know the truth: every rule is meant to be broken.

The only question is: when?

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned pro, let’s take a look together at the fun and fascinating pull of being a rebellious leader.

Leaders in business are known for breaking rules. After all, if they didn’t, we wouldn’t even know their names. These three men broke many rules – just a few to make the point.

Steve Jobs. He broke the dress code by appearing in his trademark jeans and black t-shirt.

Donald Trump. He broke the rules by being outspoken and radical in his opinions and emotions.

Bill Gates. He broke the rules by giving away more money than most people ever make in their lives.

But you don’t need to be a well-known business leader to break the rules when you give business presentations. You just have to have courage, creativity, and a good dose of rebellion. Use these 3 tips to kick things up a notch in your presentations.

Tip 1: Tell the Truth

Hey, shouldn’t this be a norm? Sadly, it’s not. There’s a collective tendency to mush the facts, blur the details, and slide past difficult topics.

If you want to truly stand out as a different and leading expert in your field, speak the truth. Share your personal experiences and feelings. Talk to your audience with full disclosure.

They’ll see you as an open and authentic communicator — not just another talking head.

Tip 2: Speak Informally

This tip drives some people in my trainings and coaching sessions absolutely bonkers. Responses run the gamut from “But I can’t!” to “It’s not professional.” to “No one would ever accept this in my industry.”

I’m not suggesting that you are speaking in foul language or telling terrible jokes. But how about talking like a human being? Break that unspoken rule that says: Experts should sound formal — and spit out facts like they are spitting sand.

Break that one. Speak naturally and say things in simple, plain English. Between you and me, this shouldn’t be a problem. Everyone will appreciate your no-nonsense style. However, for many experts this is threatening. Shake things up a bit. Speak like an ordinary human being.

Tip 3: Simplify

There’s some unspoken rule in many conferences and industry associations. It’s the rule that experts must make things complicated. Break this rule!

Be willing to stick your neck out. As motivational speaker Jim Rohn used to say, “Get arrested for something!”

Get arrested for telling the truth, speaking informally, and simplifying. The world will be a better place when more of us break these rules.

If these norms and standards of your industry seem to be in contradiction to these actions, stop. Think long and hard. Do you want to spend another second covering up facts, talking as if you have marbles in your mouth, and making everything complicated? Don’t you have something better to do?

Break the rules. You’re likely to be recognized as an expert, a leader, and a visionary in your field.

Authentic presenting is the mark of a true leader. Get the skills you need to present your ideas, tell the truth, and simplify solutions.

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