Brooklyn Decker: Beautiful Inside And Out

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Brooklyn Decker is a stunning woman who has a great personality that will draw people in. Despite her beauty and status in the modelling world, she remains to be a real human who draws both men and women to really want to hang out with her. She is thought to be one who can get away with murder as she has the skill to really create a good chemistry with people.

She grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and later on moved to New York after she completed her high school. She eventually signed up with a Paris-based modelling agency called Marilyn Agency, which had a branch in New York. She quickly secured spreads in FHM, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan and earned campaigns for Gap and Victoria’s Secret.

Armed with great wishes to have an acting career, Brooklyn Decker never ceased to audition for roles and pulled off some short spots on Ugly Betty, Royal Pains and Chuck. Eventually, she landed an interesting role in the romantic comedy “Just Go With It”. She played the object of Adam Sandler’s affection in the movie. In the end, her character was not picked by the man looking for his one true love, though Decker was able to play the role of a woman who had more than just a hot body.

Apparently, this natural character of Brooklyn is what got her the part. The film’s casting director noticed that there was something about Decker that he did not see in a great number of great faces who auditioned for the role. Brooklyn Decker is one of the few beautiful models who can handle herself well in many different social situations.

Brooklyn Decker is one person who never stops learning about her craft. Serious about her wishes to stay long in the acting scene, she trains with notable mentors in New York and Los Angeles. Apparently, she has turned down some modelling gigs to give way to her acting trainings.

It is interesting to note that she did not have the passion for acting at a very early age. Her interest was spiked with her wishes to compensate for her lack of college education. She made a statement on how she thinks she is dumb, and that acting makes her use her brain in ways which modelling can’t give to her. Brooklyn Decker gets stimulated to think in different ways with her travels during shootings for her acting stints. With that, she hopes her acting direction will live long like that of her role models in modelling-to-acting shiftees like Cameron Diaz.

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